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NomaiVR ↓ 50k
Outer Wilds VR Mod with 6DOF tracking and full motion control support
Quantum Space Buddies ↓ 23.9k
Quantum Space Buddies
Outer Wilds online multiplayer mod, using Mirror and OWML.
The Vision ↓ 6k
The Vision
This mod continues the story from both base game and Echoes of the Eye DLC. Translations: EN, RU, PT, FR, ZH, JA, DE, ES
New Horizons ↓ 19.5k
New Horizons
A custom world creation tool for Outer Wilds.
The Outsider ↓ 694
The Outsider
A quite large story and puzzle mod that takes place on Dark Bramble.
NomaiVR FFR ↓ 8k
Uses HTC's FFR plugin to improve performance in NomaiVR on NVIDIA RTX cards
Cheats Mod
Cheats Mod ↓ 7.8k
Cheats Mod
Togglable features and teleportation
Vanilla Fix ↓ 14.1k
Vanilla Fix
Fixes some vanilla bugs in Outer Wilds
Clock ↓ 8.8k
A clock overlay mod for Outer Wilds, including events
Real Solar System ↓ 6k
Real Solar System
Adds our solar system to Outer Wilds (check the ship's log)
Light Bramble ↓ 9.7k
Light Bramble
Dark Bramble without fish or fog.
Discord Proximity Chat ↓ 777
Discord Proximity Chat
EotE Brighter Dreams ↓ 3.5k
EotE Brighter Dreams
Outer Wilds mod: gives the player night vision on Echoes of the Eye's dream world.
ScoutStreaming ↓ 4.1k
Turns the scout's screenshot feature into a live video!
NomaiVR Online Patches
NomaiVR Online Patches ↓ 4.3k
NomaiVR Online Patches
Patches to adapt some Outer Wilds Online features to NomaiVR
Outer Wilds Galaxy ↓ 4.2k
Outer Wilds Galaxy
USE SHIPLOG AND AUTOPILOT TO WARP TO MOD! A mod that adds a galactic core that many different star systems orbit around. Go and explore! (Reupload of Jammer's mod)
Archaeologist Achievement Helper ↓ 2.7k
Archaeologist Achievement Helper
Marks ship log entries that have missing facts required for the Archaeologist achievement as "There's more to explore here.". It also lets you view which facts you haven't revealed!
Voice Acting Mod ↓ 2.9k
Voice Acting Mod
The mod's not yet finished. All characters are fully voiced, but the files are currently being mixed to improve their quality and add environmental effects.
Menu Framework
Menu Framework ↓ 15.5k
Menu Framework
Outer Wilds Korean Translation
Outer Wilds Korean Translation ↓ 6.4k
Outer Wilds Korean Translation
Korean re-translation for Outer Wilds
Outer Wilds Online ↓ 7.5k
Outer Wilds Online
An Outer Wilds MMO experience, just connect and play! Server is offline.
FreeCam ↓ 4.8k
A free-camera mod for Outer Wilds
Cheat and Debug Menu
Cheat and Debug Menu ↓ 3k
Cheat and Debug Menu
Allows using some commands from Debug Mode and adds other functions as well.
DOOM ↓ 717
But can your ship run DOOM? Yes, yes it can.
Suit Log ↓ 1.6k
Suit Log
Suit up and view your Ship Log anywhere!
Ghost Translations ↓ 1.5k
Ghost Translations
Adds the ability to translate the unknown language.
Solar Neighbourhood ↓ 3.2k
Solar Neighbourhood
Adds in the local group of star systems as seen in the Echoes Of The Eye ending
Discord Rich Presence ↓ 913
Discord Rich Presence
Adds discord rich presence to Outer Wilds
Secret Settings
Secret Settings ↓ 549
Secret Settings
Allows setting the games "secret settings" (ex, showing breath fog on your visor) from the mod options menu.
Atropos ↓ 2.8k
Newest Planet in the Outer Wilds Solar System!
StopTime ↓ 2.6k
A mod for Outer Wilds that stops the end of the loop from happening.
Visible Stranger ↓ 1.6k
Visible Stranger
Decloaks the Stranger in Echoes of the Eye.
The Spiral System ↓ 147
The Spiral System
Adds a new star system (and small story!) to outer wilds
Black Hole Portal Gun ↓ 1.6k
Black Hole Portal Gun
B for Black hole, G for White hole. Use uppercase when changing keybinds.
Achievements+ ↓ 1.3k
Displays stock, DLC, and custom mod achievements on a menu screen and shows a popup when you earn one.
Broken Balance
Broken Balance ↓ 154
Broken Balance
An Outer Wilds story mod
Time Dialator ↓ 130
Time Dialator
Story mod about a strange solar system with a strange property...
Add LIV Support ↓ 1k
Add LIV Support
Adds LIV to Outer Wilds, allowing for mixed reality capture or avatars in third person. Check the readme for instructions.
Fret's Quest ↓ 1.4k
Fret's Quest
A short story addon where you help a friend recover something that was stolen from him.
Alternate Voices ↓ 633
Alternate Voices
An unofficial addon to the Voice Acting mod that revoices 11 characters. The files are unmixed.
The Funniest System ↓ 858
The Funniest System
Mix of free exploration and story, and may potentially have you laughing your rear off (best used with voice mod). Start the story by exiting the ship and locating the recorder floating on the water.
Daydream ↓ 2k
Makes it daytime in the DLC dream world and lets you enter from any campfire.
Arcanum Adrift ↓ 118
Arcanum Adrift
A Nomai wall in the Timber Hearth Observatory speaks of a strange Nomai spacecraft.
Peaceful Ghosts
Peaceful Ghosts ↓ 2.4k
Peaceful Ghosts
Third Person Camera ↓ 2.3k
Third Person Camera
A third-person camera for Outer Wilds.
Hiker's Mod ↓ 2.4k
Hiker's Mod
Customizable movement speed and jump height, instant jump, sprinting, climbing, and more.
New Horizons Examples ↓ 3.8k
New Horizons Examples
An example project showing what planets can be made with New Horizons. (Warning: spoilers inside)
Outer Wilds Music Player ↓ 2.2k
Outer Wilds Music Player
Jam to MP3 files in your ship and suit while exploring the Solar System!
Scout Teleporter ↓ 415
Scout Teleporter
Pure Hearthian technology! Now you can use scout to teleport yourself or climb anywhere with tiny gravity crystall. Press "T" when scout is launched or landed to inverse the warp core power for teleporting yourself.
Brightdusk ↓ 101
A new planet appears in the Solar System near Brittle Hollow for you to explore!
Suicide Mod
Suicide Mod ↓ 1.4k
Suicide Mod
Press 'K' on your Keyboard to meet Jesus early. Very helpful for when you get stuck.
Intervention ↓ 129
Story mod about destiny, faith and darkness (made for New Horizons Jam)
21st Century Anglerfish
21st Century Anglerfish ↓ 1.1k
21st Century Anglerfish
Randomizer ↓ 2.2k
Randomizes stuff in outer wilds
Bring Me My Ship
Bring Me My Ship ↓ 691
Bring Me My Ship
Gently places your ship above your head when you press P
Ship Log Slide Reel Player Plus ↓ 3.5k
Ship Log Slide Reel Player Plus
Play Echoes of the Eye slide reels in your Ship Log computer with an enhanced player!
Trajectory Prediction ↓ 298
Trajectory Prediction
Outer Wilds mod that predicts and visualizes your future trajectory
Escape the Dreamstalker ↓ 646
Escape the Dreamstalker
A short spooky mod for Outer Wilds. Translations: EN, RU
Slate's Shipyard for Outer Wilds Online
Slate's Shipyard for Outer Wilds Online ↓ 251
Slate's Shipyard for Outer Wilds Online
This is a Shipyard and OWO addon which makes both compatible
The Machine ↓ 79
The Machine
A story mod for Outer Wilds set in a new solar system.
Divergence ↓ 96
There is more to explore here. A short story mod for Outer Wilds.
SlowTime ↓ 2.1k
Slows time-based events over 1 hour in the game to give you more time to explore!
How Did This Happen? ↓ 176
How Did This Happen?
There appears to be a new problem in the solar system. What is even going on? Either a very small story mod, or a small, weird mod with a bit of story added.
The Final Shortcut
The Final Shortcut ↓ 154
The Final Shortcut
Adds a shortcut to an important location which many mods use, hidden somewhere in the village.
Volumetric Lights
Volumetric Lights ↓ 91
Volumetric Lights
Adds a pretty effect to lights that also kills your computer. Mess around with config to tune it to your liking.
Evacuation ↓ 84
A project for the 2022 New Horizons Outer Wilds modding jam
KSP ↓ 83
Ever wanted the KSP system in Outer Wilds? Well, now it exists!
Better Model Ship ↓ 798
Better Model Ship
Adds a remote camera to the model ship
Daylight Savings ↓ 75
Daylight Savings
A mod made for the New Horizons jam
Interstellar: Gargantua ↓ 1.1k
Interstellar: Gargantua
Explore the Gargantua system from Interstellar (reupload of Tandicase's mod)
Slate's Shipyard ↓ 760
Slate's Shipyard
Allows creation and spawing of custom ships.
Supernova On Demand ↓ 593
Supernova On Demand
Triggers a supernova when you press "N".
Super Wild Galaxy ↓ 201
Super Wild Galaxy
Adds the Comet Observatory from Super Mario Galaxy.
Unity Explorer ↓ 1.4k
Unity Explorer
Allows you to look at a recreation of the Unity editor during runtime
TARDIS from Doctor Who ↓ 1.3k
TARDIS from Doctor Who
The Doctor and their TARDIS visit the Outer Wilds Solar System!
Time Saver
Time Saver ↓ 751
Time Saver
A mod that skips various lengthy and repetetive sequences in Outer Wilds
Common Camera Utility ↓ 7k
Common Camera Utility
Common utilities for Outer Wilds camera mods
Enter the Warioverse ↓ 1.4k
Enter the Warioverse
A whole system of Wario to explore! Can you solve the mystery of the Warioverse? WAH!
Incursion: Final Dawn ↓ 1.4k
Incursion: Final Dawn
The Incursion Is Upon Us by Erroneous
Kerbal Space Ventures
Kerbal Space Ventures ↓ 165
Kerbal Space Ventures
Addon for shipyard which reads .craft KSP files into the game Outer Wilds
Archipelago ↓ 66
An Outer Wilds mod for New Horizons' first jam.
Save Editor
Save Editor ↓ 1.4k
Save Editor
A mod that allows you to edit your save file in Outer Wilds (spoilers for the base game)
Stranger Night Cycle ↓ 69
Stranger Night Cycle
Adds a Day/Night cycle to the stranger.
No Alt Tab Pause
No Alt Tab Pause ↓ 969
No Alt Tab Pause
Mod for Outer Wilds allowing the game to continue while in background
OW Ventures Scavenger Hunt ↓ 66
OW Ventures Scavenger Hunt
Can you solve the first Outer Wilds Ventures Onboarding Scavenger Hunt?
Car Example ↓ 371
Car Example
An example mod of creating vehicles with wheels with Slate's Shipyard
OW Smooth Thrust
OW Smooth Thrust ↓ 4.6k
OW Smooth Thrust
Outer Wilds Keyboard Smooth Thrust
I Don't Like Sand
I Don't Like Sand ↓ 92
I Don't Like Sand
Removes the sand from Ash Twin and Ember Twin.
PacificEngine's Common Resources
PacificEngine's Common Resources ↓ 2.5k
PacificEngine's Common Resources
A Collection of Common Resource to use throughout downstream mods
Spaceshipinha ↓ 433
Adds a ship simmilar to the one on the alpha mod Navinha
Cut Achievements
Cut Achievements ↓ 385
Cut Achievements
Adds some cut achievements back into Outer Wilds.
Survive the Supernova ↓ 631
Survive the Supernova
Fly around the post-Supernova Solar System.
Astroneer Solar System ↓ 1.6k
Astroneer Solar System
Adds the solar system from Astroneer (check SHIP LOG)
Secret Words ↓ 571
Secret Words
A mod that creates 5 custom planets on Outer Wilds. Each of them hides a secret code. Gather them and make your name appear on the mod!
N Body Chaos ↓ 193
N Body Chaos
Outer Wilds with chaotic N Body Physics and extra planet interactions. Mix with randomizer for extra chaos.
Meteor Launching ↓ 1.6k
Meteor Launching
Allows you to shoot meteors or marshmallows with middle mouse click (or the back button if enabled in the mod settings)
Medley of Planets ↓ 1.4k
Medley of Planets
Adds a medley of planets and moons to explore.
Celestial Orrery ↓ 97
Celestial Orrery
A Mod for Outer Wilds that projects the orrery in the observatory onto the actual star system, making navigation easier (and more... magical).
Power Failure ↓ 552
Power Failure
With no more solar energy to be harvested the stranger must start powering down some of the less critical systems to extend its operational lifespan...
i let the voices on the discord server make bad ideas for planets ↓ 167
i let the voices on the discord server make bad ideas for planets
A solar system made with love, from the heads of the folks over on the Modding Discord server.
Half-Life Overhaul ↓ 1k
Half-Life Overhaul
Replaces visuals and sound to that of Half-life 1! Why? It's cool!
AUGH Jetpack Boost
AUGH Jetpack Boost ↓ 60
AUGH Jetpack Boost
Outer Wilds mod that replaces the Jetpack boost sound with the AUGH snoring sound
Funny Noises
Funny Noises ↓ 45
Funny Noises
Signals+ ↓ 1.9k
Implements unused/removed signals and Signalscope frequencies.
Outer Thomas Echoes of the Tank Engine ↓ 1k
Outer Thomas Echoes of the Tank Engine
Replaces the ship with Thomas the Tank Engine for some reason. Supports Achievements+!
Quality of Life Changes
Quality of Life Changes ↓ 385
Quality of Life Changes
All features are disabled by default. Enable the ones you want in the config menu.
Dancin' Wilds Ventures
Dancin' Wilds Ventures ↓ 229
Dancin' Wilds Ventures
Adds a mysterious groovy signal to the Deep Space Radio frequency.
Owlystem ↓ 120
"a dream of home" but I remade it really, really badly
Majora's Mask's Moon ↓ 870
Majora's Mask's Moon
Replaces the sun with the moon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Open Doors ↓ 420
Open Doors
Open any closed door or pathway in the Outer Wilds using this Mod!
March of gears
March of gears ↓ 88
March of gears
Who says orbits have to make sense?
HD Screenshot ↓ 1.6k
HD Screenshot
Screenshot mod for Outer Wilds.
Less Lonely Ship ↓ 656
Less Lonely Ship
Custom Ship Log Modes ↓ 4.3k
Custom Ship Log Modes
Allows other mods to add their custom Ship Log modes
Vesper's Assorted OuterWilds Shaders ↓ 1.1k
Vesper's Assorted OuterWilds Shaders
A mod containing all of the shaders I've created for Outer Wilds!
Ernesto Takeover ↓ 127
Ernesto Takeover
Ernesto is Everywhere (Do NOT use with any mods that modify base game planets)
Crouch Mod
Crouch Mod ↓ 2k
Crouch Mod
Enables crouching in Outer Wilds.
Their Homeworld
Their Homeworld ↓ 722
Their Homeworld
a solar system made with new horizons, will probably be updated
Ship Remote Autopilot
Ship Remote Autopilot ↓ 314
Ship Remote Autopilot
Allows the player to remotely activate the ships autopilot to select destinations.
TRAPPIST-1 ↓ 1.1k
A depiction of the TRAPPIST-1 system, a collection of seven terrestrial planets hugging close to a small ultracool red dwarf star.
Outer Wario Echoes of the Waaaaaaaaaaah ↓ 688
Outer Wario Echoes of the Waaaaaaaaaaah
Oh my god! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! (Lets you play as Wario)
Smallest System in the Galaxy ↓ 269
Smallest System in the Galaxy
The smallest galaxy in the universe!
Console Cheats
Console Cheats ↓ 157
Console Cheats
A port of PacificEngine's Cheats Mod to work with the Developer Console
Grapefruit ↓ 1.2k
A mod that adds a new star system. Warning! Lots of food!
Smol Hatchling ↓ 935
Smol Hatchling
Makes the hatchling smol! Or beeg!
Cloudless Quantum Moons ↓ 817
Cloudless Quantum Moons
Adds the 6 quantum moon states without any clouds.
Solar Systems I Made as a Kid ↓ 102
Solar Systems I Made as a Kid
This is just a bundle of, well, look at the title.
Carson System ↓ 598
Carson System
A low-mass star nicknamed "Carson", 2.4 light-years away from the Sun.
Clear Glass ↓ 231
Clear Glass
Makes some glass in the game clear
Europe Times ↓ 195
Europe Times
Replaces end times with The Final Countdown by Europe
SpeedTools ↓ 71
a mod to assist with learning Outer Wilds speedruns
Alter Time
Alter Time ↓ 357
Alter Time
Speed up time in outer wilds!
The Wilds: Extended ↓ 312
The Wilds: Extended
Silly NH Addon to add content to the current base game (made with love and care by me and #nh-addon-discussion) (xen carried)
Green Jetpack ↓ 161
Green Jetpack
Ship Self Destruct Button
Ship Self Destruct Button ↓ 135
Ship Self Destruct Button
Toggle Velocity Matching ↓ 424
Toggle Velocity Matching
Allows you to constantly stay at the same relative velocity to an object
Stranger Spin Gravity ↓ 142
Stranger Spin Gravity
Replaces the Stranger's gravity fields with spin gravity.
Backer's satellite signal ↓ 414
Backer's satellite signal
A mod that adds signal to the backer's satellite
Vengeful Cannon
Vengeful Cannon ↓ 287
Vengeful Cannon
You shouldn't have angered that cannon...
Funny Christmas
Funny Christmas ↓ 85
Funny Christmas
What exactly is Christmas, and where did Snata Claus go? (note: takes place in the TT Twins system)
Proud Hearthians ↓ 52
Proud Hearthians
A mod that adds some extra pride to the game!
No Dot Mod ↓ 39
No Dot Mod
Removes dot in center
ElliePlanets! ↓ 1.4k
A few silly planets
Quantum Moon Orbit Line ↓ 259
Quantum Moon Orbit Line
Adds an orbit line to the Quantum Moon on the map.
Outer Wilds Flyover ↓ 515
Outer Wilds Flyover
Recreation of the Island Flyover game from Wii Sports Resort in Outer Wilds
Artifact Laser ↓ 277
Artifact Laser
Allows you to get revenge by making a certain item into a deadly laser.
Ghostbuster ↓ 268
I ain't afraid of no ghosts (let's you blow out certain candles in EOTE).
Controllable Stranger
Controllable Stranger ↓ 253
Controllable Stranger
A mod that allows you to trigger the events of certain spaceship
Auto Resume
Auto Resume ↓ 880
Auto Resume
On start-up the game automatically resumes and wakes the player up (Reupload of Rai's mod)
Celeste Wilds ↓ 514
Celeste Wilds
A mod which adds Celeste movement features to Outer Wilds
Cloudless Giant's Deep ↓ 451
Cloudless Giant's Deep
Removes the clouds from Giant's Deep
Upsilon Andromedae ↓ 405
Upsilon Andromedae
An exaggerated recreation of the Upsilon Andromedae star system.
Celestial Leeway ↓ 32
Celestial Leeway
Short and simple first attempt at a New Horizons planet mod! Includes the first tidbit of lore towards a story I will be unravelling through my next mods.
Changed Twins ↓ 382
Changed Twins
The sand goes to ember twin and back! (Idea from Inkey boi AKA InkI
Galaxy Skybox: NGC 1087 ↓ 353
Galaxy Skybox: NGC 1087
Places the Hearthian system in a peaceful galaxy.
Outer Wilds Traditional Chinese Translation ↓ 210
Outer Wilds Traditional Chinese Translation
Sun Station Ascension ↓ 289
Sun Station Ascension
Raises the Sun Station to a higher orbit to survive the red giant phase.
BlackHole Sun ↓ 357
BlackHole Sun
Makes the sun a blackhole
Chargeable Scout Launcher ↓ 304
Chargeable Scout Launcher
Makes it so that the scout launcher can be charged for a farther launch.
Empty Hollow ↓ 240
Empty Hollow
Moves all of Brittle Hollow's crust to the white hole.
Woah Watch Those Frames
Woah Watch Those Frames ↓ 174
Woah Watch Those Frames
Limits game FPS to 30 when in pause menu
Outer Pictures ↓ 52
Outer Pictures
An Outer Wilds mod to print your pictures from the probe camera to your computer
Difficulty Mod
Difficulty Mod ↓ 1k
Difficulty Mod
Allow players to change game difficulty settings
No End ↓ 402
No End
A mod that allows you to play after supernova. See Readme.md for more info
Collider Visualizer ↓ 364
Collider Visualizer
Allows the visualization of diferent colliders and shapes
No Sun ↓ 287
No Sun
Removes the sun. No longer messes up the orbits with the removeChildren:[""] patch
Block Placing ↓ 266
Block Placing
Place Minecraft blocks with left click, destroy them with alt-click, and switch blocks with T (See README for VR controls)
Espied Serenity ↓ 232
Espied Serenity
Enable Meditation ↓ 34
Enable Meditation
Always be able to meditate to the next loop.
Hazy Dreams
Hazy Dreams ↓ 227
Hazy Dreams
A mod that adds fog to the dreamworld.
Echoes of the Caribbean ↓ 660
Echoes of the Caribbean
Replaces a key bit of music in EotE with something more zesty. Includes Daft Punk light show mode!
Timber Twin ↓ 477
Timber Twin
global warming is real and i caused it
Developer Console ↓ 200
Developer Console
A general purpose developer console
Wacky Rotations ↓ 171
Wacky Rotations
Allows the player to mess with the rotation settings on planets. Inspired by the randomizer mod.
Persistant Marshmallow
Persistant Marshmallow ↓ 224
Persistant Marshmallow
Makes the Marshmallow's in Outer Wilds never despawn
Fact Log ↓ 158
Fact Log
Displays a list of all facts (exploration information and rumors) that you have encountered in your current playthrough, and in the order you encountered them.
Jammer Lore ↓ 452
Jammer Lore
Jammer lore mod plonets (Reupload of Jammer's mod)
Hatchling Outfitter ↓ 240
Hatchling Outfitter
Customize which parts of the suit Hatchling wears
Ordered Orbits ↓ 232
Ordered Orbits
Orders most orbits by size, excluding a few bodies
Slate Simulator ↓ 561
Slate Simulator
Play as everyone's favorite character!
Vanilla Main Menu
Vanilla Main Menu ↓ 338
Vanilla Main Menu
Removes the Echoes of the Eye subtitle and restores the main menu to its pre-1.0.8 glory.
Big Heads ↓ 182
Big Heads
Gives everyone big heads.
360 Camera ↓ 176
360 Camera
Allows the user to take 360 degree screenshots and videos
Almond System ↓ 563
Almond System
Adds a almond system to the game
No Dam Break ↓ 299
No Dam Break
The dam on the stranger will no longer break!!
Ghost Matter Nerf ↓ 255
Ghost Matter Nerf
A mod that makes you invulnerable to Ghost Matter.
Break On Demand
Break On Demand ↓ 25
Break On Demand
Meet your terrible fate with the simple press of 2 buttons
Title Screen Bug Fix ↓ 153
Title Screen Bug Fix
Fixes a bug on the title screen which caused the game's logo to be displayed incorrectly.
Shared Ship Log ↓ 44
Shared Ship Log
Mod to automatically export your Outer Wilds ship log for online viewing
Nomai Text Printer
Nomai Text Printer ↓ 30
Nomai Text Printer
Utility mod that prints info about Nomai wall text.
Static Camera ↓ 687
Static Camera
Place a camera where you're standing then walk around in front of it.
Only Timber Hearth
Only Timber Hearth ↓ 402
Only Timber Hearth
A mod that removes all planets except Timber Heath. Yay, no Dark Bramble!
Arkose bug fix ↓ 317
Arkose bug fix
A mod that fix the bug that allows Arkose to exist
Primitive Launching ↓ 204
Primitive Launching
An example outer wilds mods that was made to show what you can do with the meteor launching mod API. Launch spheres, cubes, and more.
Sound Test
Sound Test ↓ 118
Sound Test
Lets you play any sound in the game from the menu
(Razer/SteelSeries) RGB Integration ↓ 96
(Razer/SteelSeries) RGB Integration
Adds effects to supported SteelSeries keyboards + mice
Hollodjustment ↓ 183
An Outer Wilds mod that adjusts Hollow's Lantern's meteors. (Reupload of Trainzack's mod)
Sleep Mod ↓ 182
Sleep Mod
A mod that allows you to press "U" to meditate without needing to talk to Gabbro twice
Heavy Sleeper
Heavy Sleeper ↓ 60
Heavy Sleeper
Bhaptics Outer Wilds
Bhaptics Outer Wilds ↓ 48
Bhaptics Outer Wilds
Bhaptics integration for outer wilds
OWFixPluginTypesSerialization ↓ 14
A port of https://github.com/xiaoxiao921/FixPluginTypesSerialization for Outer Wilds. Read the README for uninstallation steps.
Involuntary Blink
Involuntary Blink ↓ 138
Involuntary Blink
Blink randomly every 2-7 seconds. Quantum Moon is now impossible to get into.
Speed Modifier/Walk Button on KBM ↓ 87
Speed Modifier/Walk Button on KBM
Change the movement speed of your Hearthian using the keyboard+mouse input. Works when walking and flying. To use, press the default key: V
Outer Wilds en AndalΓ»h
Outer Wilds en AndalΓ»h ↓ 33
Outer Wilds en AndalΓ»h
Tradûççión de Outer Wilds en andalûh
Alpha Title Screen ↓ 103
Alpha Title Screen
Changes the title logo to the alpha logo, and replaces the planet on the title screen with the one from the alpha version of Outer Wilds.
Permadeath Mode ↓ 148
Permadeath Mode
The ship log is reset if you die to something other than the supernova. Try to completely fill the ship log without dying!
Gizmos Library
Gizmos Library ↓ 33
Gizmos Library
A library to help drawing gizmos on Outer Wilds
Input Demo Recorder ↓ 72
Input Demo Recorder
Czech Localization
Czech Localization ↓ 60
Czech Localization
A Czech localization of Outer Wilds
OWML ↓ 86.1k
The mod loader and mod framework for Outer Wilds
Interplanetary Polyglot
Interplanetary Polyglot ↓ 95
Interplanetary Polyglot
A utility for creating translation mods for Outer Wilds with minimal code

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