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Outer Wilds Secret Settings

Allows setting the games "secret settings" (ex, showing breath fog on your visor) from the mod options menu. Descriptions below are taken from the secretsettings.txt file.

  • PhysicsRate: "Override the number of physics updates that occur per-frame. If you're trying to run at a higher framerate than 60 FPS, set this value to your desired target framerate; if your CPU is struggling to keep up with the physics simulation of Outer Wilds, you can try dropping it to a value of 30."
  • VSyncCount: "Override the number of vertical syncs that should occur between each frame. Adjusting this value may help solve choppiness when running at lower framerates on higher framerate monitors."
  • DisableEssentialPrompts: "Remove the button prompts not removed by the Button Prompts setting in Gameplay Settings. These are gameplay-essential prompts, but disabling them may be useful for taking screenshots or recording video."
  • DisablePartygoerProxies: "Disable the extra characters added in patch 13 found in a certain DLC location. If your computer is struggling in this area, disabling this could help. I'm probably just being paranoid about this one, though."
  • EnableVisorBreathFog: "Enable breath fog showing up on the player's helmet visor when the player is in an airless environment. This was originally in the game, but at some point someone turned it off to take promotional screenshots and video, and it never got turned back on before we shipped Outer Wilds. We were planning on bringing it back in patch 13, but design was worried about it impacting the readability of environments and interfaces across the game, and so the safest option was to leave it disabled. This made Logan really sad, which is why this option exists."

Secret Settings


Allows setting the games "secret settings" (ex, showing breath fog on your visor) from the mod options menu.

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