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Outer Wilds Mod Manager

Use the Outer Wilds Mod Manager for downloading, installing, and managing mods.

Source code
Adds support for VR devices.
Full motion control support.
Quantum Space Buddies.
Adds online multiplayer to the game.
Light BrambleLight Bramble
Makes the Dark Bramble less scary.
Options to remove scary elements individually.
Collection of cheats.
Super jetpack, invincibility, and a lot more.

Outer Wilds is a neat game. Check it out and buy it or whatever.

Outer Wilds?

If you need support, or just wanna interact with other fans of the game, this is where you can find us:

If you want to make your own mods, the OWML documentation has most of the info you need to get started. The aforementioned Discord server also has a modding channel.

Info for modders in OWML docs
Creator of OWML and Light Bramble.
Contributor to the mod manager and QSB.
Creator of Marshmallow and StopTime.
Contributor to QSB.
Creator of NomaiVR and the mod manager.
Contributor to QSB and OWML
The first modder.
Creator of TAICheat and contributor to OWML