Outer Wilds Mods

are unofficial modifications for Outer Wilds, which add new features, improvements, extra content, and more. Use the Mod Manager to easily download and install these mods. There are currently a total of 311 mods, addons, and utilities.

Support and modding talk

Join our Discord server if you need support, wanna learn about making mods, or just to chat with this wonderful modding community:

Outer Wilds Modding Discord Server

Become a modder

If you want to make your own mods, the OWML documentation has most of the info you need to get started. The easiest way to start is by cloning the mod template project and following the instructions there. Also, that Discord server linked above is full of people who will help you.

Create custom content with New Horizons

With New Horizons, you can create new planets and edit existing ones. Create new stories with character dialogue, translatable text, ship log entries, etc. You can make custom content without any coding knowledge, but you can also add your own code to further improve your creations.

Source Code

The infrastructure that supports the Outer Wilds modding ecosystem is made of multiple open-source projects (including this website), all hosted under the Outer Wilds Mods GitHub organization.

Outer Wilds Mods GitHub Organization

Outer Wilds?

Outer Wilds is a neat game. Check it out and buy it or whatever.

Outer Wilds?

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