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Quantum Space Buddies (QSB) is a multiplayer mod for Outer Wilds. The mod uses the OWML mod loader and customized UNET code (internally referred to as QNet or QuantumUNET) for networking.


QNet code adapted in part from Unity Technologies' UNET.

Copyright (C) 2020 - 2021 : Henry Pointer (_nebula or misternebula) - Aleksander Waage (AmazingAlek) - Ricardo Lopes (Raicuparta)

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Affero General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License along with this program. If not, see https://www.gnu.org/licenses/.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Latest version of OWML.
  • Latest version of Mod Manager. (If using)
  • Latest version of Outer Wilds. (Epic version preferred, as Steam version is untestable. We cannot guarantee QSB, or OWML, will work on cracked/pirated versions of Outer Wilds. Do not come asking us for help when using pirated versions.)
  • Fast and stable internet connection, upload and download.
  • Above minimum Outer Wilds system requirements.
  • Knowledge on port forwarding and router/network configuration. We can be tech support for the mod, not your router or computer.

Compatibility with other mods

TL;DR - Don't use any mods with QSB that aren't marked as QSB compatible.

QSB relies on exact orders of objects found using Resources.FindObjectsOfTypeAll to sync objects, so any mod that changes the hierarchy at all risks breaking QSB. Also, QSB relies on certain game events being called when things happen in-game. Any mod that makes these things happen without calling the correct events will break QSB. Some mods will work fine and have been tested, like CrouchMod. Others may only work partly, like EnableDebugMode and TAICheat. NomaiVR compatibility is currently not planned and likely will never happen, due to extensive changes needed to both mods for it to work.

What is currently synced?

System / MechanicSynced?
Brittle Hollow fragmentsNo
Conversations with NPCsYes
Discovering signals/frequenciesYes
Eye of the Universe ancient gladeNo
Eye of the Universe instrument huntNo
Eye of the Universe jam sessionNo
Eye of the Universe quantum lightningNo
Marshmallow roastingYes
Museum statueYes
NPC animationsYes
Nomai orbsYes
Nomai shuttleKind of
Orbital Probe Cannon (direction)No
Player animationYes
Player positionYes
Player toolsYes
Projection poolsYes
Quantum objectsYes
Ship logYes
Timber Hearth satelliteNo

QSB also changes some mechanics of the base game, to better fit a multiplayer experience. These include :

  • Adding dialogue boxes above NPC and player heads, so other players can "listen in" on conversations.
  • Quantum objects check observations from all players and all player probes.
  • When dying from any cause other than the supernova, the ATP black hole, or the end of the game, the player respawns instantly at Timber Hearth.
  • While at least one player is in them, players can walk into and out of projection pools at will, and everything will work as expected.

Why can't I connect to a server?

For the host :

  • Open port 7777 TCP and UDP on your router. If access the internet through multiple layers of routers, the port will need to be opened on every router.
  • Open port 7777 TCP and UDP in and out on your firewall. Some AVs might block you editing firewall settings, so check with your specific software.
  • Make sure you are giving your public IPv4 address to your clients.

For the client :

  • Open port 7777 TCP and UDP in and out on your firewall. Some AVs might block you editing firewall settings, so check with your specific software.
  • Sometimes, it has helped to change your network profile to "private".
  • Make sure you are putting the right address into the address box.

If nothing here works, many people have got QSB working through programs such as Hamachi. Also make sure you are not running through a VPN while trying to connect.

Note - _nebula has no idea how Hamachi works and has never used it, so don't ask them for help setting it up! As said before, we are tech support for the mod. If you cannot connect to someone, or someone cannot connect to you, that is not QSB's fault.


  • Install the Outer Wilds Mod Manager;
  • Install Quantum Space Buddies from the mod list displayed in the application;
  • If you can't get the mod manager to work, follow the instructions for manual installation.

Manual installation

Playing as a client

  • Run the game.
  • You'll see some new buttons on the top left.
  • Replace localhost with the server's public IP address.
  • Press "Connect". You can join servers in the menu or in-game, but it is recommended to join in the main menu.
  • If you see "Stop", you are connected.
  • If it stops at "Connecting to..." then you or the host has issues with their firewall/router/other.

Playing as a host

  • Open port 7777 on your router.
  • Run the game.
  • You'll see some new buttons on the top left.
  • Press "Host". This can be done in-game or in the menu, but it is recommened to start servers in the menu.
  • If you now see the "Stop" button, you are hosting.
  • Give your external IPv4 address to your clients (like what you see here).

Development Setup

  • Download the Outer Wilds Mod Manager and install it anywhere you like;
  • Install OWML using the Mod Manager
  • Clone QSB's source
  • Open the file QSB/QSB.csproj.user in your favorite text editor
  • Edit the entry <GameDir> to point to the directory where Outer Wilds is installed
  • Edit the entry <OwmlDir> to point to your OWML directory (it is installed inside the Mod Manager directory)
  • Do the same for QuantumUNET/QuantumUNET.csproj.user
  • Open the project solution file QSB.sln in Visual Studio
  • If needed, right click References in the Solution Explorer > Manage NuGet Packages > Update OWML to fix missing references
  • Run this to stop tracking QSB.csproj.user: git update-index --skip-worktree QSB/QSB.csproj.user

After doing this, the project references should be working.

When you build the solution, the QuantumUNET dll and all the mod files/assets are copied to [Mod Manager directory]/OWML/QSB from the dev folder. QSB.dll is first built to the dev folder as usual, then QNetWeaver is ran on it to weave in QNet/UNet serialisation code. This program outputs to the WeavedFiles folder, and then the weaved dll is also copied to [Mod Manager directory]/OWML/QSB.

If for some reason none of this is working, you might have to set everything manually:

  • To fix the references, right click "References" in the Solution Explorer > "Add Reference", and add all the missing DLLs (references with yellow warning icon). You can find these DLLs in the game's directory (OuterWilds\OuterWilds_Data\Managed);
  • If Visual Studio isn't able to automatically copy the files, you'll have to copy the built dlls manually to OWML.

If QNetWeaver does not work and does not output anything to WeavedFiles :

  • Check what directories it's getting and make sure they point to the correct DLLs.
  • Contact _nebula on the Outer Wilds modding server.

Authors and Special Thanks

  • _nebula - Developer of v0.3 onwards
  • AmazingAlek - On-and-off developer and sometimes code tidy-er
  • Raicuparta - Developer of v0.1 - v0.2
  • Thanks to Logan Ver Hoef for help with the game code.
  • Thanks to all the people in the Outer Wilds Discord for helping in public tests.
  • Special thanks (and apologies) to all the people in the #modding channel, which I (_nebula) have been using as a virtual rubber duck.

Help / Discuss development / Whatever

Join the unofficial Outer Wilds Discord, we have a nice #modding channel where you can discuss all types of things.

Quantum Space Buddies

by misternebula

Outer Wilds online multiplayer mod, using modified UNET and OWML.

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