Outer Wilds Daydream

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Adds sunlight and/or ambient light to the Dreamworld in the Echos of the Eye DLC for Outer Wilds.

The mod has configurable settings:

  • See sun: Doesn't affect lighting, just lets you see the sun in the sky.
  • Sun angle: from 0 to 180 degrees across the sky, affects shadows.
  • Sun intensity: from 0 for complete darkness to 1 for very bright
  • Shadow intensity: from 0 for no shadows to 1 for very hard shadows
  • See solar system: Lets you see all other planets in the sky (off by default)
  • Dream at any campfire: Something I used for debugging but I left it in for fun (off by default)

daydream OWMDB thumbnail

You can adjust the ambient light levels to your liking.

brightness levels

Can toggle seeing the sun and solar system in the sky



Makes it daytime in the DLC dream world and lets you enter from any campfire.


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