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Open Doors - An Outer Wilds Mod

This Mod will allow you open any closed doors and other pathways in the Game Outer Wilds.
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Here are some example locations for you to try out, or see the list of affected elements below.


The O key is the activation key for this mod. You will have to hold it down while pressing the keys below:

Key Action
O + I Open surrounding pathways<br/>(ignores specific objects)
O + K Open surrounding pathways<br/>(all)
O + P Close surrounding pathways
O + 9 Reduce door search radius by 10
O + 0 Increase door search radius by 10

It is recommended to close the pathways after using them, otherwise you might stumble on some missing geometry later on.

Affected Objects

This currently includes:

... and more!

Please do not judge the code too harshly, this is my first time writing C# and using Unity. I've had a blast creating this and I really hope you enjoy using it!

Open Doors

Open any closed door or pathway in the Outer Wilds using this Mod!


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