Celestial Leeway

Hi! I'm Halley, this is my first attempt at making a mod for Outer Wilds- Celestial Leeway!


I utilized the mod New Horizons to create this, and UnityExplorer to gather the assets needed for the planet's... "decor".

A big thank you to everybody in the Outer Wilds Modding Discord for helping me create my first true project, and, in all honesty, giving me the mental boost that I needed!


This work is unofficial Fan Content created under permission from the Mobius Digital Fan Content Policy. It includes materials which are the property of Mobius Digital and it is neither approved nor endorsed by Mobius Digital.

Celestial Leeway

Short and simple first attempt at a New Horizons planet mod! Includes the first tidbit of lore towards a story I will be unravelling through my next mods.


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