The inhabitant's board game found in the Prisoner's vault. At last, you can play chess their extremely fun and engaging board game.

How to Encounter

Set up the conditions for the Dreamworld time loop escape, using the safe campfire(!), and head to the Prisoner's vault. A mildly alternative ending will occur after you finish talking to the Prisoner.

The player can choose to end the game at any time by getting up from their chair and talking to the Prisoner directly.

After saying farewell, a shortcut will unlock at the starting camp. The shortcut only needs to be unlocked once, but you can also edit ic_save.json in the mod's folder to enable this manually.

The shortcut is no longer locked behind this requirement and can now be toggled in the menu, along with the other mod options. This creates a warping artifact from Slate's camp to the vault with everything ready to go.

Rules (unfinished)

(?) - unimplemented but possible

three piece types: Eye, Antler, Blocker

  • Eye: goal of the antler player, their greatest (and only) threat
    • beam - removes all antlers hit by it from the board
    • infinite range across all tiles (3 lines, like how queen moves/poses a threat in chess)
    • can be "contained" when all legal moves are blocked by the player's pieces
  • Antler: basically just a pawn for now
    • used to reach the eye - once eye is contained by at least one antler piece
    • (?) can enter blocker for protection
  • Blocker:
    • used to protect antler pieces
    • can block eye's beam from entering any spaces behind it

2 players: one controls the Eye, other controls Antler/Blockers

The game ends when the player runs out of Antler pieces or reaches the Eye.


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