Outer Wilds Mod Jam 3


For the third mod jam (theme COMMUNITY) all mods will take place in the same star system.

This mod will be highly experimental during the jam as compatibility concerns are brought up!

Compatibility fixes covered:

  • It will reconfigure orbits to ensure there is no overlap
  • It will rearrange ship log entries to not overlap, however THE SHIP LOGS MUST BE MANUALLY POSITIONED IN YOUR SYSTEM CONFIG
  • It will reposition static bodies to be in a ring around the sun (45 degrees up from the plane of the solar system)
  • It will arrange Bramble dimensions in a plane underneath the sun (20km down)

Some customization of automated planet placement can be had usings the extras module in your planet config:

  • "closeToSun": true will position the planet close to the sun
  • "farFromSun": true will do the opposite

If your entry has needs that aren't met by this, hit me up on the Discord server


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