Welcome to the ElliePlanets!

Somehow a bunch of planets appeared in the Outer Wilds System, blah blah, lore, the creator of this mod totally didn't just want to fuck around with New Horizons. Anyways, this serves as a sort of... example mod, of some simpler shenanigans you can do. And I'm always going to be updating with more, until either my game can't handle it anymore, or the solar system gets too clogged up!

Have fun looking at the new planets! Here they are:



Lorewise: this speckled moon once broke free from Dark Bramble, but has sustained a large amount of damage... But also CHEESE MOON CHEESE MOON.



Another Dark Bramble moon... perhaps this was once a fruit?



Blah blah, planet lore, you get the jist. It's a big 'ol planet in a funky orbit!



Tengel used to be one with Zeu, but then Zeu had surgery to remove it, because Tengel was a tumor. The more you know!

Also, Tengel looks mysteriously manmade... oh, the lore implications...



You should try and land on this planet. Trust me, I have a PhD in this kind of thing.

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