(Or just "Magistarium", if you prefer)


You've received a set of coordinates for a mysterious vessel in a solar system containing a many communities. Explore a mysterious station, solve puzzles, and discover the station's secrets.

Made in 11 days for the Outer Wilds Modding Jam. Requires the Mod Jam 3 mod.

This mod is a sequel to Hearth's Neighbor. While playing the prequel isn't required to beat Magistarium, it is highly recommended.

If the bobbing of the Memory Cubes become too annoying, I recommend turning on "Freeze Time While Talking To Others" on the Pre-Flight checklist.

  • GameWyrm: Team Lead, level designer, writer, and programmer
  • FunkyShoeMan: Prop 3D artist
  • EndgameZero: Musician and editor
  • CelestialsStorm: 2D artist
  • Pikpik_carrot: Sectoring
  • JohnCorby: Sectoring and Unity Consultant

Special thanks to those who playtested the mods, and xen42, MegaPiggy, and others who answered questions and were very helpful with answering questions.


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