Cheat And Debug Menu for Outer Wilds Mod Loader

Thanks for using my Cheat and Debug Menu mod. Here's a list of keybinds available (they're not rebindable currently) and some basic help.

Basic Functionalities

Key Description
Show/hide mod GUI (timer and current warp point) (it's backquote, left of key 1)
F1 Show/hide game GUI (air, fuel, direction, whatnot)
F2 Add/remove space suit
F3 Learn launch codes
F4 Refill resources/health
F7 Toggle invincibility
F11 Toggle clipping (for Hatchling or for ship, depending if you're sitting in the cockpit) (usually makes everything float away since the planets are always on the move)
= Fast forward (equals sign) (also allows to fast forward the mask at the end of the loop)
Num8 Superpowered industrial flashlight on/off
Num9 Turn Stranger's artificial sun on/off
Del Force flashlight on (useful whenever you can't turn it on with F key)

Following can be used to change jetpack/ship boost power (depending if you're sitting in the cockpit) by the magnitude of 50% (or 1000% if you hold Num0 first, go crazy).

Key Description
Num+ Increase boost power
Num- Decrease boost power

Basic Warp Functionalities

You need to hold either warp modifier A or B (A takes precedence) to use warp keys, as they overlap with tool keybindings

Key Description
- Warp Modifier B (minus sign)
P Warp Modifier A

While holding modifier A or B:

Key Description
1 A: Comet / B: Sun Station
2 A: Twin One / B: Twin Two
3 A: Timber Hearth / B: Alternate location on TH
4 A: Brittle Hollow
5 A: Giants Deep
6 A: Dark Bramble
7 A: Quantum Moon
8 A: Attlerock Moon Lookout / B: Signal Locator
9 A: Stranger's dock / B: Stranger near lamp laboratory
0 A: your Ship

Advanced Warp Functionalities

Currently active warp point is visible in mod GUI (press backslash ( ) key to see it)

Key Description
[ (left bracket) select previous warp point
] (right bracket) select next warp point
\ (backslash) warp to selected (NOTE! on UK keyboard layout that's the tilde (~) key)

Memory Warp Functionalities

If you press just the (warp memory) button, you'll warp to corresponding location (given that you've saved it first). To save the location to memory, hold the (set to memory) button and then press corresponding (warp memory) button.

Key Description
Num0 set to memory
Num1 warp memory 1
Num2 warp memory 2
Num3 warp memory 3

Cheat and Debug Menu

Allows using some commands from Debug Mode and adds other functions as well.


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