Outer Wilds Common Camera Utility

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A utility mod for setting up cameras in Outer Wilds. Also implements some QOL changes for third person perspectives:

  • Adds ghost model in dream world
  • Stops arm from disappearing when using tools
  • Puts the player's head back onto a layer where it can be seen.
  • Renders held tools properly
  • Handles compatibility between your mod and other CCU mods, and with Day Dream.

For use in other mods:

Include this interface in your mod.

public interface ICommonCameraAPI
    void RegisterCustomCamera(OWCamera OWCamera);
    (OWCamera, Camera) CreateCustomCamera(string name);
    UnityEvent<PlayerTool> EquipTool();
    UnityEvent<PlayerTool> UnequipTool();
    void ExitCamera(OWCamera OWCamera);
    void EnterCamera(OWCamera OWCamera);

Then to use the API from another class:

var CommonCameraAPI = ModHelper.Interaction.TryGetModApi<ICommonCameraAPI>("xen.CommonCameraUtility");

If you want to manually set up the camera yourself, be sure to call RegisterCustomCamera on it. However it's easier to just use CreateCustomCamera and the utility will set it up for you. Also includes some helpful events to hook on to.

To switch to your camera, use the EnterCamera method. To exit your camera, use the ExitCamera method. CCU will handle bringing the player back to the appropriate camera, be it from the base game or from another CCU mod.

Common Camera Utility

Common utilities for Outer Wilds camera mods


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