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Carson has a longer loading time than most other systems. Please be patient and just give it an extra minute or two, and don't fret if the program freezes.

Carson System

The Carson star system is a large yellow dwarf star about halfway through its life cycle. It is 2.4 light-years away from the Sun, which our home planet Timber Hearth orbits. Due to its low mass, Hornfels has theorized that Carson won't supernova at the end of its life cycle. It is powered through the fusion of hydrogen atoms into helium. This means that instead, once it runs out of hydrogen, it'll begin to fuse the helium into heavier elements and the star will expand into a red giant, before eventually shrinking down into a white dwarf.

Carson is currently home to 7 planets and 6 moons.


Urath is a green, Hearth-like planet, but unlike Timber Hearth, it has a beautiful blue ocean around its continents. There's also an abundance of trees so you'll never asphyxiate. Might make for a good campsite. Timber Hearth is a nice place to be, but this place seems better in a few ways. Should we start to include interstellar vacations in the Outer Wilds Venture program? Oh yeah, it also fathers a small tidally-locked moon that's been dubbed as Loon. How quaint...


Loon is a cute little rock hurtling around Urath. Full of craters and rocky riverbeds. It almost reminds me of the Attlerock back at home. Only difference being that it doesn't look like it had a massive chunk bitten out of it. I bet Esker might enjoy this place a little.


Mirtha, which Riebeck has nicknamed "Red Hell", is a red, dry desert with a thin, airless atmosphere. Some of the red dust from the planet has been kicked up into the atmosphere by small gusts of wind, helping to create a yellowish sky. Even if it was an oxygen-rich atmosphere, I would've recommended using the suit's oxygen anyways since having the oxygen filters opened up on a planet like this could clog them full of dust and debris and drastically reduce their efficiency. And trust me, those oxygen filters are not fun to clean out.


Ekbur is one of two moons that orbit Mirtha. It is a reddish-brown color. We collected some of the rocky material from its surface, and it appears to have some interesting molecular properties. It's definitely sturdier than the rocks at home, that's for sure. Maybe we can use Ekbur's stone to improve our architectures' structural integrity?


Graebur is the gray twin of Ekbur. It's a little smaller and much more bumpy, with deeper craters and taller mountains compared to Ekbur. The composition of its stone is similar to that of the rocks here on Timber Hearth.


Dester is a desert planet. Think of it as the bigger brother of Ash Twin; if Dester was the long, distant relative from across space that doesn't even share the same parent star as Ash Twin nor have the same origins. Still a pretty nice place and plenty of cacti to go around.


Alpinia is an alpine planet, with fairly chilly temperatures and a beautiful ring. The oceans are dark and the grass is a duller shade of green, but it's pretty in its own right. It's definitely more preferable than Mirtha, at least.


Volcus is a volcanic planet with thick clouds. It's also very hot, due to it being so close to the sun. That, paired with what may be acidic clouds, doesn't exactly make this paradise.

Platinum Hue

Platinum Hue is a big gas giant. It has a pearlescent appearance, with the clouds containing mesmerizing pastel swirls in a beautiful sea of ivory. Nobody knows as of yet what lies beyond that enticing atmosphere...


Glaze is one of the moons from Platinum Hue. It's essentially just one big ice cube—...erm... Sorry, ice sphere. It has frozen cracks and rivers.


Draeo is another moon orbiting Platinum Hue. It is a very dry planet without any sort of atmosphere. It has a couple properties that are vaguely similar to Mirtha. We might need to research this one some more.

Scarlet Storm

Scarlet Storm is another big gas giant in the system. It's a little angrier compared to Platinum Hue. It also has a pretty ring, but don't let that deceive you; gas giants are dangerous.


Pyer is a cloudy moon that orbits Scarlet Storm. It's so purple it makes my eyes hurt. But it's still kind of pretty. Please be careful when landing on this planet, and double-check that your suit's oxygen filters are closed before leaving the ship. The atmosphere is composed of hydrogen cyanide, and you wouldn't exactly want to be breathing that in.

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