Outer Wilds Save Editor

A simple mod that allows you to edit your save file.

How To Use

Once installed, "EDIT SAVE DATA" will appear on the title screen and pause menu, pressing it will open a menu that allows you to edit various aspects of your data.


  • Time loop started: Whether the time loop has begun (you need to relaunch the game after saving if you edit this)
  • Learned Launch Codes: Whether you have the launch codes for the ship
  • Earn All Achievements: Earns every achievement in the game if your platform supports it
  • Met Solanum: Whether you've encountered solanum in a previous loop
  • Met Prisoner: Whether you've met the prisoner in a previous loop
  • Warped To The Eye Of The Universe: Whether you've gotten to the eye of the universe (this also requires a relaunch of the game, otherwise say goodbye to your ears)
  • Signals & Frequencies: Allows you to learn or forget all signals and frequencies
  • Ship Log: Allows you to learn or forget specific or all ship log entries (You can only do this while in the Solar System or at the Eye Of The Universe)

Save Editor

A mod that allows you to edit your save file in Outer Wilds (spoilers for the base game)


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