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Fixes some vanilla bugs in Outer Wilds


  • Makes the proxy sun's atmosphere look correct. (credit to MegaPiggy)
  • Properly resets PlayerState on scene change.
  • Adds some missing button prompt textures. (credit to MegaPiggy)
  • Prevents SetLanguage from being called when it shouldn't be, fixing several mods.
  • Lets input turn off when the game isn't in focus, meaning mods that turn on runInBackground work.
  • Fixes places where the probe is not null checked (since it can be destroyed).
  • Fixes a softlock with ship logs and mods with custom facts (like The Outsider).
  • Fixes a hard-to-find visual bug with projection pools.
  • Fixes an issue where probe would sometimes stretch when anchored to an object. This isn't a perfect solution, but it is not possible to do it better in unity.


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