Shared Ship Log Mod for Outer Wilds


Automated export of a text version of your ship log to a user-specific page at[userID in lowercase], so it can be viewed by stream chat when you're not at your ship computer.


Mod Options:

  • Twitch Username*: Please enter your unique user ID here to identify your export and build your page at (so for example, populating this option with tephirax will create a page at Without a user ID, the mod will not generate any output.
  • Online Ship Log: This option is checked as default. Uncheck if you do not wish further updates of your ship log to be exported to the web. (The mod will still generate a local file ../Outer Wilds/Outer Wilds Data/Shared Ship Log.json.)

Please note: This mod was originally conceived as an aid to twitch streamers keeping their audience up to date on their progress. While it can also be used in offline play as a way to view your ship log while away from your ship, I would politely ask that you either use your twitch ID in this field or prefix your desired name with OFFLINE_ to avoid any conflict with streamers wishing to use this service.


Export will be triggered whenever you access your ship computer and new information is revealed.

Shared Ship Log

Mod to automatically export your Outer Wilds ship log for online viewing


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