An Outer Wilds mod that adjusts Hollow's Lantern's meteors.

Compatible with Quantum Space Buddies.


You can install the mod with the Outer Wilds Mod Manager.


Once the mod is installed, you can modify the spawn rate and damage of Hollow's Lantern's meteors. To do this, open the pause menu, select the "Mods" option, and then select the "Hollojustment" option. You should see two sliders, one labeled "Meteor Frequency" and the other labeled "Meteor Damage". For both sliders, 5 is the base-game value.

After changing either of these sliders, you should see the effects at the start of the next loop.


There are a few things to keep in mind while using this mod:

  • When selecting a value of 0 for "Meteor Frequency", an initial salvo of meteors will spawn. However, after that there should not be any new meteors.
  • On the highest settings for "Meteor Frequency", sometimes the volcanoes will temporarily stop launching meteors. This is because each volcano has a limit of 16 active meteors at once.
  • This mod will not make the polar caps or crossroads of Brittle Hollow fall, even if those fragments have a structural integrity of 0%. This is how it is in the base game as well.
  • One particular fragment cannot fall until late in the loop, presumably for gameplay reasons.

Original mod



An Outer Wilds mod that adjusts Hollow's Lantern's meteors. (Reupload of Trainzack's mod)


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