Ship Log Slide Reel Player Plus by Damián Garro

Play Echoes of the Eye slide reels in your Ship Log computer with an enhanced player!


This mod adds a new custom mode to the Ship Log: The Slide Reel Player Mode. It allows you to browse and play the reels and visions that you watched in the game.

The game already displays them when regular entries are selected in the vanilla Map Mode and Rumor Mode of the Ship Log if they have facts referring to them, but the Reel Player Plus includes additional features:

  • In addition to play the reel/vision automatically (similar to a vision), you can also manually go to the next or previous slide (similar to the slide projector).
  • There's an option to view all reels/visions in fullscreen and the controls described above are also available in this mode. Note that this a non-diegetic feature: it isn't fullscreen on the in-game computer, it's fullscreen on your monitor (or game window), allowing you to appreciate the reels in all their glory and without being affected by lights from the game world, offering a more CINEMATIC experience.
  • The images are displayed in full color.
  • Visions doesn't include the round vignette, the full textures are shown.
  • Music is also reproduced!
  • All reels and visions are displayed.* The vanilla player lacks some because it only shows the ones that have Ship Log facts about them, but there are a couple that aren't mentioned in the logs (and there's also an special one that actually appears in the logs but it isn't displayed, probably because another reason that I don't want to spoil). Not only that, some of them are only associated with rumor facts, and we you explore its entry then you wouldn't be able to play it on the Ship Log anymore (except in some cases where they are playable in the arrows of the Rumor Mode).
  • There's an indicator of the current slide and how many slides there are for the selected reel (using a text bar and numbers).
  • Integration with Suit Log: If you have that mod installed, then the Slide Reel Player mode will be also added to the Suit Log, allowing you to watch all the reels anywhere including all the features that are in the Ship Log mode!
  • More to come?

*Because some reels/visions aren't tracked by Ship Log facts, the mod doesn't have a way of knowing if you actually watched them before installing it. So, in order to include those specific reels/visions in the Slide Reel Player Mode, you would have to watch them again while the mod is installed (this is persisted on your save file, next time you boot the game the mod will remember it!).

There is also an option you can toggle to show ALL slide reels and visions, even the ones you haven't seen before. Beware of spoilers, only activate this option if you already played the complete Echoes of the Eye expansion. This setting is disabled by default.


The vanilla player is actually pretty cool to see the reels/visions mentioned by the selected entries (in some cases this even means that a reel/vision could be shown in more that one entry), so this mod won't remove it.

The mod was created way before the vanilla implementation. I decided to release it again as a improvement of the official viewer, by adding extra cool features.

Ship Log Slide Reel Player Plus

Play Echoes of the Eye slide reels in your Ship Log computer with an enhanced player!


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