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Fret's Quest: An Outer Wilds Story Mod

This mod is a unofficial short story addon for Outer Wilds. It is designed for players that have already explored the main game, but tries to be unobtrusive to the original narrative. Contains spoilers for the base game and mild spoilers for the Echoes of the Eye DLC. Note: This is an addon for xen's New Horizons mod.

The adventure begins with a new entry in your ship log!

If you record/stream yourself playing this story, we would love to see it! You can find us on the Outer Wilds Modding Discord. Stop by and chat with us about modding!



  • English (Samster68)
  • Russian (Tlya)
  • Japanese (yakamot03)


  • Author: Samster68
  • Music: Smuffy
  • Trailer: Texture_Turtle


  • clay
  • ewo
  • Flatkat
  • Greenpixel
  • JohnCorby
  • Smuffy

Special Thanks:

  • clay - Answered questions and is very friendly
  • Trifid - Answered lots of questions
  • Fixxion - Borrowed assets
  • heart1an - Answered questions
  • xen - Answered questions
  • CrypticBird - Is a bird
  • The Outer Wilds Modding community


This work is unofficial fan content created under permission from the Mobius Digital Fan Content Policy. It includes materials which are the property of Mobius Digital and it is neither approved nor endorsed by Mobius Digital.


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