Welcome to the planet Atropos...

A new planet has appeared in the Outer Wilds System!

Planet N1-2028 (Codenamed Atropos for Investigations) appeared randomly in our Solar System. It is unknown of the planets origins or how it arrived in our solar system, but you are currently advised to explore with caution.

Atropo's Dangers

  • The Planet Atropos has an orbit unlike any other in our system, it is off its axis and its gravitational pull is inconsistent.
  • The planet is incredibly dark and eeiree, with ZERO signs of life detected on the surface as of now. It is theorised whatever brought it here, killed the only traces of life.

As i am writing this on Atropos, i now see the suns light fade twice as i write this, this planet has questions i cannot yet seem to find...

What is wrong with Atropos, how and WHY is it here, and--- BRZKKT!

-- Gabbro


Made with the New Horizons tool by xen : https://github.com/xen-42/outer-wilds-new-horizons


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