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Outer Wilds Mod Loader

OWML is the mod loader and mod framework for Outer Wilds. It patches Outer Wilds to load mods, and provides mods a framework to interact with the game. OWML is inspired by SMAPI for Stardew Valley.

How it works

OWML does the following:

  1. Patches the game to make it call the mod loader.
  2. Starts the game.
  3. The mod loader loads and initializes installed mods.


With Outer Wilds Mod Manager (recommended):

  1. Download the Mod Manager from the Outer Wilds Mods website.
  2. Use the Mod Manager to install OWML and mods, and start the game.

Manual install:

  1. Download latest OWML release and extract the zip file anywhere you want.
  2. Download Outer Wilds mods and put them in the mods folder, each mod in a separate folder.
  3. Start the game with OWML.Launcher.exe.


  • If using Outer Wilds Mod Manager, first refer to it's uninstall guide.
  • If not, delete OWML folder.
  • Verify integrity of game files - OWML edits the game code to load itself, so verification is needed to remove the changes.
    • Steam : Right click on game > Properties > Local files > Verify integrity of game files
    • Epic : Three dots next to game > Verify

If you want to keep mod data intact but still play without mods, verifying the game files is enough. Just make sure to run the game through Steam/Epic, not OWML.Launcher.exe.

For modders

Read the OWML docs to learn how to use it. Refer to the sample mods in the source code for examples. These mods are not included in releases.

Get started

To get started, check out our tutorial on the docs


OWML is only supported on the latest game version. It may work on older versions, but that cannot be guaranteed.

OWML is compatible with Echoes of the Eye, and works on Epic, Steam, and Microsoft Store installations.

Feedback and Support

OWML is developed by some of the same people making the mods! On the Outer Wilds Modding Discord, we are:

  • alek
  • Raicuparta
  • _nebula
  • TAImatem

Feature requests, bug reports and PRs are welcome on GitHub.




  • salomj - Helped with menus and inputs.
  • artum - Helped with menus and patchers.
  • JohnCorby - Helped with audio loading stuff.

Special thanks to:



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