Outer Wilds Czech Localization

Replaces the English text in the game with Czech. No configuration necessary.

Based on Outer Wilds Korean Translation and Outer Wilds Traditional Chinese Translation.

Spotted a mistake in the localization?

  1. Check the issues to see if it's already being worked on;
  2. If not, file an issue.
  3. Consider contributing a fix.


Released version

This should be as easy as:

  1. Download and install the Outer Wilds Mod Manager
  2. Select "Czech Localization" from the list of mods
  3. Launch using the Mod Manager rather than your launcher of choice

Development version

  1. Download and install the Outer Wilds Mod Manager,
  2. Download and install the Visual Studio Community Version,
  3. Install OWML in the Mod Manager (but not the released Czech Localization),
  4. Clone this repository,
  5. Open the folder in Visual Studio,
  6. Check that CzechTranslation.csproj.user is pointing at the right location for your OWMM installation,
  7. Build the project (per CzechTranslation.sln by navigating to "Build" top menu and selecting "Build Solution"),
  8. Launch the Mod Manager, ensure "Czech Localization" is selected, and launch the game.

Contributors / Thanks

  • Václav Soukup for brainstorming the names of planetary bodies with me + translating the UI
  • Agnieszka Buchtová for Ilex's rhymes
  • @xen-42 for creating the mod to sub in the Czech text in English's stead
  • @MegaPiggy for selflessly contributing a fix we didn't realize we'd needed
  • Zbyněk Piech for test-flying and otherwise beta-testing


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