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Do you want to create planets using New Horizons? Then check out our website for all our documentation!

If you want to see examples of what NH can do check out the examples add-on or real solar system add-on.

Check the ship's log for how to use your warp drive to travel between star systems!

Incompatible mods

  • Autoresume.
  • Quantum Space Buddies.
  • OW Randomizer.


  • Load planet meshes or details from asset bundles
  • Use our template Unity project to create assets for use in NH, including all game scripts recovered using UtinyRipper
  • Separate solar system scenes accessible via wormhole OR via the ship's new warp drive feature accessible via the ship's log
  • Remove or edit existing planets, including what they orbit around
  • Create custom planets from heightmaps/texturemaps
  • Create stars (and supernovae), comets, asteroid belts, satellites, and quantum planets/moons.
  • Add stock planet features to custom ones, such as geysers, cloak fields, meteor-launching volcanoes, rafts, and tornados.
  • Binary orbits
  • Signalscope signals and custom frequencies
  • Surface scatter: rocks, trees, etc, using in-game models, or custom ones
  • Black hole / white hole pairs
  • Custom dialogue, slide-reel projections, translatable text, and custom ship log entries for rumour mode and map mode
  • Funnels and variable surface height (can be made of sand/water/lava/star)


If you want to help (please dear god help us) then check out the contact info below or the contributing page.

The Unity project we use to make asset bundles for this mod is here.


Join the Outer Wilds Modding Discord if you have any questions or just want to chat about modding! Theres a New Horizons category there dedicated to discussion of this mod.


Main authors:

New Horizons was made with help from:

Translation credits:

  • Russian: GrayFix and Tlya
  • German: Nolram
  • Spanish: Ciborgm9 and Ink

Marshmallow was made with help from:

  • TAImatem
  • AmazingAlek
  • Raicuparta
  • and the Outer Wilds discord server.

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