Outer Wilds Translation Mod Utility

This project is meant to have common code required for translation mods.

Based on Outer Wilds Korean Translation and Outer Wilds Traditional Chinese Translation.

Getting started

  1. Create a base mod using the regular mod template..
  2. Rename all files to match the mod name (for example let's say we are making the DothrakiTranslation mod):
    1. Instead of ModTemplate/ModTemplate.cs, rename files to DothrakiTranslation/DothrakiTranslation.cs. (This also applies to ModTemplate.csproj.user.)
    2. Replace every instance of ModTemplate with DothrakiTranslation in the script texts (should be just the ModTemplate.cs).
    3. Fix up filename in manifest.json accordingly.
  3. Add a dictionary entry to the end of the manifest.json dict that specifies the dependency for Outer Wilds Mod Manager:
    "dependencies": [
    Note that this will not automatically install the dependency, however the Outer Wilds Mod Manager will prompt users to install and enable the dependency when they enable your translation mod.
  4. Add a file called ILocalizationAPI.cs (a C# interface) into your mod directory, with the following content - replace DothrakiTranslation with the name of your translation, of course:
    using OWML.ModHelper;
    using System;
    namespace DothrakiTranslation
        public interface ILocalizationAPI
            void RegisterLanguage(ModBehaviour mod, string name, string translationPath);
            void AddLanguageFont(ModBehaviour mod, string name, string assetBundlePath, string fontPath);
            void AddLanguageFixer(string name, Func<string, string> fixer);
  5. In your mod code (DothrakiTranslation.cs), access the utility mod like so:
    namespace DothrakiTranslation
        public class DothrakiTranslation : ModBehaviour
            public static DothrakiTranslation Instance;
            private void Start()
                var api = ModHelper.Interaction.TryGetModApi<ILocalizationAPI>("xen.LocalizationUtility");
                api.RegisterLanguage(this, "Dothraki", "assets/Translation.xml");
    This assumes that the XML file with original text and your translations is in the assets/Translation.xml file.
  6. Optionally, add a font or a fixer function with api.AddLanguageFont or api.AddLanguageFixer underneath the api.RegisterLanguage line. Adding a font is optional. A "fixer" function will take in a string and output a string where the characters have been correctly reformatted. This is necessary for certain languages, e.g. right-to-left languages like Arabic or Farsi. Make sure to call all these methods at the same time, starting with RegisterLanguage, else they may not work as intended.

Other info

This repo contains the base game English translation file (Translation.xml) which can be used as a template for any translation mod. Just translate the <value> entries of the XML and leave the original English <key> entries alone.

When adding a font, you must first package it into a Unity asset bundle. Use Unity 2019.4.27f1 for this (Unity Hub has options for downloading legacy versions of Unity) as this is the version Outer Wilds was released in.

Interplanetary Polyglot

A utility for creating translation mods for Outer Wilds with minimal code


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