What is this?

A mod that adds icelandic as a localization option to Outer Wilds


  • You're learning icelandic. More resources good!
  • Simply have an interest in the language
  • Þú ert íslendingur og vilt spila leiki á íslensku


Very early game screenshot

Known bugs / issues

  • Very greedy regex replacement has destroyed 3 keys and left in weird capiTaliZations in around 10-20 values. I've fixed this but have yet to create a new release. Will do that soon.
  • Although I've compared the text with BÍN, there is a possibility that wrong permutations are still in there (f.x hafða vs hafðu). Feel free to repoert them or raise issues/suggestions here. I'm happy to receive constructive criticism.
  • Þ is missing from title fonts. Looking into a fix when I have the time.

Icelandic Localization

Localizing Outer Wilds (Fjarlæg Firnindi) into Icelandic

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