Nomai Grand Prix

banner Random shipless speedrun generator for Outer Wilds

How to play

  1. When the mod is active, there is a new item on the main menu called Nomai Grand Prix.
  2. When you select Nomai Grand Prix you will see two lists of points of interest in the game.
  3. The lists will have random points of interest selected when you first open it. You can choose points manually, or you can press the randomize button to choose a new random pair of points.
  4. Once you have a start and end point you're happy with, press confirm to start the game. You will spawn at the start point you selected.
  5. Navigate to the end point with no spaceship to win! The mod will track your time and display it once you've won so you can share a screenshot of your achievement.

Tip: the best way to play is to race with your friends. Have everyone pick the same start and end points and start the game at the same time!

Tips for shipless navigation

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't [insert location here] a selectable spawn or goal point?

Nomai Grand Prix currently uses an existing list of pre-programmed debug spawn points for both spawn and goal locations. Some desirable locations, like the Eye of the Universe, aren't in that list. Others, like the spawn point at the bottom of the Tower of Quantum Knowledge, aren’t reachable as goals.

We’re tracking a full list of existing spawn points in this spreadsheet, with links to GitHub issues tracking specific bugs preventing their use:

Long term, we’d like to define our own spawn points in arbitrary locations. This is tracked as issue #139.

Why doesn’t the timer pause when sleeping at a campfire?

We’re aware that this is how most speedruns are timed, but given that our main use case for this mod is synchronous real time racing, we want peoples’ clocks to be in sync the whole time if they started at the same time. If you want to follow the speedrun timing rules, maybe autosplit will work.


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