Permadeath Mode

Banner image Try to fill out every line in the ship log without dying once


  • Ship log completeness percentage is shown at the bottom of the ship log. Try to reach 100% completeness.
  • Ship log is cleared if you die for any reason that isn't:
    • The supernova
    • Meditating
    • The game's ending
    • <details><summary>DLC spoiler</summary>Dying for any reason in the simulation when you are already dead in real life</details>
  • Anti-cheat protection to prevent cheating your way out of dying
    • Quitting the game is only possible at the end of the loop.
    • Meditating is only allowed at a campfire. Press V (or LT on controller) at a campfire to meditate until the next loop.
    • Alt+F4 doesn't work. Ending task through task manager closes the game, but the ship log is cleared when when the game next starts.

If you want to quit the game but you don't want to wait until the supernova, find a campfire and meditate. You will be given the option to quit the game.


Disable Include DLC in progress percentage to have the progress percentage shown in the ship log only count logs from the base game. Disable this option if you own the DLC but you only want to do a base game permadeath run.

Permadeath Mode

The ship log is reset if you die to something other than the supernova. Try to completely fill the ship log without dying!


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