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Tracks Steam achievements in an in-game menu for people playing on other platforms that don't track achievements.

Also tracks custom mod achievements.

Supported mods

Achievement mods

More to come...


  • "One-Shot Achievement Pop-Ups": Set to true if you only want notifications when you get an achievement for the first time. Set to false if you want to know each time you meet the requirements.

For mod developers

Add this code to your mod for the Achievements+ API:

public interface IAchievements
    void RegisterAchievement(string uniqueID, bool secret, ModBehaviour mod);
    void RegisterTranslation(string uniqueID, TextTranslation.Language language, string name, string description);
    void RegisterTranslationsFromFiles(ModBehaviour mod, string folderPath);
    void EarnAchievement(string uniqueID);
    bool HasAchievement(string uniqueID);

Then to access this in your mod, do:

var AchievementsAPI = ModHelper.Interaction.GetModApi<IAchievements>("xen.AchievementTracker");

Be sure to register achievements and their translations in the Start method of your mod so that they are set up immediately.

The uniqueID field for your achievements should be unique not only in your mod, but among all mods. For example, if I were to add an achievement to New Horizons for discovering 5 planets, the uniqueID could be something like NEWHORIZONS.5PLANETS.

There is an examples mod in the repo called TestAchievementMod which shows how to register achievements, register translations in two languages, and earn achievements on scene load, via the GlobalMessenger system, and using harmony patches.

Custom icons

If you want custom icons to show up beside your achievements, simple add a folder called Icons to your mod. To create an icon for an achievement, put an image in this folder with its name equal to the uniqueID of the achievement. Similarly to make an icon for your mod, put an image in the folder with its name equal to the mod's name (not to its unique ID, just the human readable name from the manifest.json file in your mod).

Register Translations from Files

The RegisterTranslationsFromFiles method will look in the folder path you give it for files named english.json, spanish_la.json, german.json, french.json, italian.json, polish.json, portuguese_br.json, japanese.json, russian.json, chinese_simple.json, korean.json, and turkish.json.

The translations files should look like this:

    "AchievementTranslations": {
        "TERRIBLE_FATE": {
            "Name": "You've met a terrible fate.",
            "Description": "No going back."
        "WHATS_THIS_BUTTON": {
            "Name": "Hey, what's this button do?",
            "Description": "Press the ejection button in the ship."

Where AchievementTranslations is a dictionary of key-value pairs where the keys are the uniqueID strings for the achievements, and each value has a Name and Description field.


I wanna thank those who contributed translations:


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