Build things with any Minecraft blocks on anything anywhere in the solar system, and share your creations! And, with the pre-release version, you can build things with your friends via the QSB multiplayer mod!

Mouse and keyboard:

  • place the blocks with left click
  • destroy them with alt+click
  • switch blocks with T
  • save all placed blocks with O
  • load save (and delete unsaved blocks) with P


  • place with interact
  • break with roll+interact
  • switch with roll+grip

Currently, this mod has 4 different types of blocks: cobblestone, dirt, glass, oak planks, and iron blocks. You can add more by putting textures into the blocks folder, though they will default to the stone placing sound. If you want them to look fancy, you can also add textures of the same name but with _n appended for the normal map and _s for the smoothness/metallic map (like dirt_n.png).

Your save (created by pressing O) is stored in save.bin. You can share this file with other people to load into their game (by pressing P). Custom blocks in the save that you don't have will be loaded as your default block type (cobblestone, if you haven't changed it). An autosave is created when you die, and is automatically loaded when you wake up. This can be disabled in the mod settings.

Included PBR textures are from here:

Block Placing

Place Minecraft blocks with left click, destroy them with alt-click, and switch blocks with T (See README for VR controls)


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