Simpler Times is a mod I made to vent, just wanting to see if I could fix up some key Nomai structures in the game.

I started with rebuilding the Orbital Probe Cannon - and finishing that made me wonder about maybe going a little further and making a mod that just fixed up a bunch of broken things. Doing this unintentionally trivialized several puzzles in the game, which I decided to further lean into by indulgently seeing if I could remove as many timed mechanics as possible, whether for accessibility's sake or for logical sense.

This mod essentially is a new-game-plus that presents a prettier and calmer version of the world. However, in that endeavour: crucial mechanics are disabled, and many critical areas are made trivially accessible by this mod - so if you have not yet finished playing the game, this is probably not the mod for you!

But for everyone else returning to this universe: I hope this mod will show you some simpler times of this beautiful world!

Screenshot 2023-12-29 075912


The sun.. no longer kills you (so long as you don't crash into it) - NOTE: you will need to kill yourself in order to save progress!

  • Two things no longer crash into the sun
  • The catwalk of a certain space station now remains intact to walk on

Volcanic weather has calmed on Brittle Hollow

  • The Hanging City's vertical gravity highway has been fixed
  • Gravity pathway up to the Tower of Quantum Knowledge has been fixed
  • Added a tractor beam and switch to enter/exit the Hanging City from the north pole's surface

Ancient lakes on the Hourglass Twins have resurfaced, allowing you to explore its caves without being crushed

  • The hourglass now goes both ways
  • Removed overgrown cacti blocking lower Sunless City entrance from Gravity Cannon
  • Added a light source to the fossil fish's lure
  • Fixed a broken roof on a tower on Ash Twin
  • Holes in the floors of a tower on Ash Twin have been patched up

Roaming cyclones on Giant's Deep's equator have died down

  • The Orbital Probe Cannon now remains intact! (note: disregard a certain Nomai computer diagram)

Dark Bramble's inhabitants now match the size of the one in Timber Hearth's exhibit

The Interloper's entrance is no longer obstructed, and you can now freely explore inside it

A dam no longer breaks


  • Added a Hearthian flag to the core of a planet
  • Several broken, one-way rotating doors across the star system have been fixed

Upcoming stuff?:

  • add black holes and white holes to small bramble seeds
  • QM stuff if possible
  • Much more DLC stuff

Simpler Times

Simpler Times is a mod for Outer Wilds, that fixes up several Nomai structures in the game, and removes some timed elements from the planets, making for a more exploratory/new game plus experience.


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