Solar Neighbourhood Planet Pack

A planet pack depicting the solar neighbourhood seen in Echoes Of The Eye! Includes the Strangers Homeworld, other strange systems, a strange anomaly around the Attlerock, and something emitting a familiar signal below the Solar System. Enough said, go explore the SOLAR NEIGHBOURHOOD! geode Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 3 41 01 pm 1.0.0 release: added a wholesome encounter on a certain city, check your signalscope on Traveler frequency! also, updated all of the planetary liquids, and made Fury expand (oh no)

Special thanks to:

Jammer - for jammer moments and inspiring me to make this

Xen - for making New Horizons and helping a lot

The OW Modding Community for making these tools and everything

Mobius Digital for making this outstanding game!

Sound for a certain signal came from here:

Sound for another signal came from here:

Solar Neighbourhood

Adds in the local group of star systems as seen in the Echoes Of The Eye ending

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