Ghost Translations

You can now translate any of the Stranger's Inhabitants' wall texts!

There are only a few though.

  • River Lowlands Sign (x2)
  • Cinder Isles Sign
  • Dam Sign
  • Hidden Gorge Sign
  • Light Side Entrance
  • Dark Side Entrance
  • Prisoner Keep Out Sign (x2)
  • Prisoner Sarcophagus Interface


Translating the text on the Stranger's Light Side Airlock


Why is the mod named Ghost Translations?

I originally named it this because the Stranger's Inhabitants were called Ghostbirds in the files. I realize now it isn't the best name but I'm not gonna bother changing it lol.

Does this works on modded wall texts?

No. Unless I add support it won't work and will just show "Untranslatable" instead.

Shouldn't it be Owlk/Owelk and not Inhabitants?

Well that is just a fan name. I originally had it as Owelk but I changed it to Inhabitants since that is more fitting.

Ghost Translations

Adds the ability to translate the unknown language.


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