How to use in your mod :

Create a file called IMenuAPI in your mod, and copy in these contents :

using System;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;

public interface IMenuAPI
    GameObject TitleScreen_MakeMenuOpenButton(string name, int index, Menu menuToOpen);
    GameObject TitleScreen_MakeSceneLoadButton(string name, int index, SubmitActionLoadScene.LoadableScenes sceneToLoad, PopupMenu confirmPopup = null);
    Button TitleScreen_MakeSimpleButton(string name, int index);
    GameObject PauseMenu_MakeMenuOpenButton(string name, Menu menuToOpen, Menu customMenu = null);
    GameObject PauseMenu_MakeSceneLoadButton(string name, SubmitActionLoadScene.LoadableScenes sceneToLoad, PopupMenu confirmPopup = null, Menu customMenu = null);
    Button PauseMenu_MakeSimpleButton(string name, Menu customMenu = null);
    Menu PauseMenu_MakePauseListMenu(string title);
    PopupMenu MakeTwoChoicePopup(string message, string confirmText, string cancelText);
    PopupInputMenu MakeInputFieldPopup(string message, string placeholderMessage, string confirmText, string cancelText);
    PopupMenu MakeInfoPopup(string message, string continueButtonText);
    void RegisterStartupPopup(string message);

Then, get the API reference by doing ModHelper.Interaction.TryGetModApi<IMenuAPI>("_nebula.MenuFramework");


Title screen only :


Creates a button on the title screen with index index and text name, which opens the menu menuToOpen.


Creates a button on the title screen with index index and text name, which loads the scene sceneToLoad. When the optional parameter confirmPopup is given, the button will first open this popup menu. If confirm is selected, the scene will load.


Creates a button on the title screen with index index and text name. You can then do whatever you like with the button by doing (button).onClick.AddListener( ... ).

Pause menu only :

For the pause menu methods, customMenu is the menu where the button will appear. If not given, the button will appear in the normal pause menu. This is so you can create your own custom sub-lists in the pause menu. First create a sub-menu with PauseMenu_MakePauseListMenu, then create a button that opens that menu. Then add buttons to that sub-menu by giving the created menu as the customMenu parameter.


Same as title screen version.


Same as title screen version.


Same as title screen version.


Makes a sub-menu for the pause menu, with the name of title.

General menu stuff :


Makes a popup with a message and two button choices, typically YES/NO or CONFIRM/CANCEL. message is the main message of the popup, confirmText and cancelText are what appears on the two buttons.


Makes a popup with a message, a text input field, and two button choices. Same parameters as MakeTwoChoicePopup, with the addition of placeholderText as what appears in the background of the input box before you begin typing.


Makes a popup with a message and only one button to close the popup. message is the main message of the popup, continueButtonText is what appears on the button - usually just "OK".


Registers a message that you want to appear when the game loads. This must be run in Start()!

Menu Framework

Menu manipulation helpers for Outer Wilds, mainly for _nebula's mods.


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