Wacky Rotations

Oh, Hatchling! Be careful out there, okay? The other travellers are reporting that planets have started acting weird, apparently they just sort of... spin in random directions? Yeah, I don't know what that's about, just don't let the radio tower hit you on the way out or anything like that. Anyway, good luck!<br /> <br /> An absolutely stupid mod inspired by the wonderful tomfoolery I experienced while playing PacificEngines Randomizer Mod. Gives the player some control over the rotational behaviour of the Outer Wilds planets, moon and comet. This mod is not meant to be used in any serious manner, and it's incredibly easy to accidentally kill yourself with it.

What Exactly Does This Mod Do?

Specifically, this mod allows the planets to spin in any direction with a speed specified by the player. Additionally, the planets can randomly change spin directions, with the time between changes also being controlled by the player.


Most of the planetary bodies can be manipulated with this mod. Specifically, the following bodies can be controlled:

  • Ash Twin<br />
  • Ember Twin<br />
  • Timber Hearth<br />
  • The Attelrock<br />
  • Brittle Hollow<br />
  • Hollow's Lantern<br />
  • Giant's Deep<br />
  • Dark Bramble<br />
  • The Interloper


Each body that can be manipulated has the following settings:<br />

  • Use General Settings - Whether the body should use the settings specific to it, or the general settings.<br />
  • Rotation Speed - The speed with which the body will rotate, in rotations/sec.<br />
  • Time to Change - The time (in seconds) between rotation changes.<br /><br /> Additionally, you can set general settings as well. Any planet that has "Use General Settings" enabled will use this set of settings instead of their own.

Wacky Rotations

Allows the player to mess with the rotation settings on planets. Inspired by the randomizer mod.


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