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Adds new dialogue to all Hearthians!

  • Villagers and travelers react to the sun turning red, the boom of the supernova, getting burned on a campfire, eating a bad marshmallow, and certain items you're holding.
  • New dialogue with Gabbro about turning off a machine, having intentions of visiting a far-away planet, and information regarding a certain DLC location.
  • New dialogue with Riebeck about a certain DLC location.
  • Brag to a reckless Hearthian about equally reckless accomplishments.
  • Dialogue for every character when hugging them with VioVayo's Hug Mod.
  • Special dialogue for many other mods!
  • ...And more, probably!

Big thanks to Xen, Lutias Kokopelli, Ixrec, viovayo, Magister Dragon, and probably a few other people from the Outer Wilds Modding server whose names I forgot to write down for helping me with the code for this mod.


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