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Speed Modifier/Walk Button on KBM

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Change your movement speed using the keyboard input in Outer Wilds when walking, flying jetpack/ship, and controlling the landing camera. To use, press the default key: V.


  • Change Speed Key: Set a different key, must correspond to a UnityEngine.InputSystem.Key Enum field name. Otherwise default key is V
  • Total Speeds: Select how many speed levels you want to step through (2, 3 or 5)
  • Toggle or Hold: Toggle or hold key to change speed (Only works when Total Speeds = 2)
  • Boost Resets Speed to Max Value: An easy way to reset speed to max when on foot

Possible TODOs

  • Allow mouse inputs for the speed key
  • Show optional walking dude icon when activated
  • Reset speed to max value when entering/leaving the ship

Speed Modifier/Walk Button on KBM

Change the movement speed of your Hearthian using the keyboard+mouse input. Works when walking and flying. To use, press the default key: V

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