Artifact Laser

There are Echoes of the Eye spoilers in the description ahead, so go ahead and click off now if you haven't played the DLC yet.

Are you tired of constantly being grabbed by the resident of the dream world? Do you wish you could take the fight to them and get revenge for all of the times they blew out your lantern (and even rearranged your spine?) Well now you can! This mod gives you the power to get rid of those owlks once and for all! (Or as once and for all as you can in a 22-minute time loop)

What Does This Mod Do?


This mod turns the artifact that you use to navigate the dreamworld into a deadly laser. Just focus the beam on the dreamworld residents for long enough and poof! No more worrying about stealth.


  • Seconds to Kill - The number of seconds the beam has to be continually focused on a victim to kill them.
  • Display Kill Count - Enables and disables the displayed kill count (it still won't appear until you get at least one kill though)
  • Display Kill Feed - Enables and disables the kill messages that pop up on screen when you kill an owlk

Artifact Laser

Allows you to get revenge by making a certain item into a deadly laser.


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