General Enhancements

This mod adds a bunch of little things. You can toggle things to your liking in the settings.

General Enhancements

Mod Re-implementations

  • Toggle Velocity Matching* - Velocity matching can be left on, and it works with both the suit and ship (and notifications still work).
  • Smooth Thrust* - Keyboard users can now use the scroll-wheel to change the thrust level/throttle of the suit/ship and also walking speed.
  • Power Failure* - A certain vessel goes into night mode, and then low-power mode as it takes off. (Modified and more complex sequence.)
  • Green Jetpack* - Refueling at a certain vessel makes your jetpack green (but not permanently, fades back, based on current fuel).

*General Enhancements re-does what these mods do, and so these mods are considered "incompatible" by the mod manager. You might still be able to use them if you disable stuff in this mod's settings if you really want.


  • Blinking - press the [B] key to blink, as an alternative to opening and closing the map, spinning in circles or toggling your flashlight. Gamepad: same as roll button whenever you can't roll and when not holding anything.
  • Sleep Anywhere - If you hold the blink button down, you can hold your eyes shut, and if you do this for a few seconds, you will accelerate time just like at a campfire. Unlike a campfire, you are not guarenteed safety, so be careful where and when you do this.


  • Advanced Mini-Maps - Shows a small version of the planet you're on instead of just a sphere. Doesn't reveal the existance of a certain location if you haven't been there yet. You can disable this if you find it too distracting.
  • HUD has been slightly simplified and recolored, and the Gravity gauge still works when in the air instead of just saying 0x half the time.
  • In settings, you can change the Health gauge to an unused version that was left in the game.
  • You can also disable the different parts of the HUD individually, including the reticule and helmet.

Visual Tweaks

  • Some variety in camera angles on the title screen.
  • A certain vessel becomes briefly visible when it flickers inside. Unlikely you'll see it.
  • A ringed gas giant looks nicer and is more in view.
  • The dark side of Giant's Deep is uh dark.


  • Skip Elevator - Hold the interact button [E] at the start of the loop to skip to your ship. Doesn't let you skip if Slate wants to talk to you.
  • Skip to Stranger - If found and targeted in the Ship Log and are in ship, hold interact button [E] to skip to the Stranger near the start of the loop.
  • Skip Flashback - Press the interact button [E] to skip the flashback. (Note: the flashback is used as a hidden loading screen, so this might not work depending on your computer.)

General Enhancements

Adds a bunch of little things. You can toggle things to your liking in the settings.


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