Resource Management

A mod that makes the oxygen and fuel in your ship matter.

Why in the world would you download this? Doesn't matter. I present to you a direct downgrade to the vanilla ship!

Increased fuel usage

In Vanilla Outer Wilds, you could spend the entire loop flying around and you'd never run out of fuel! Well, that's not the case anymore, so keep an eye on that gauge or you might not have enough fuel to keep the lights on... Or move, for that matter.

Increased oxygen usage

Same as fuel, in Vanilla Outer Wilds you could survive the entire loop and you'd barely notice a change on your fuel tank, but with this mod your oxygen tank will last for a bit less than 20 minutes.

Fuel tank regeneration

Slate is testing some brand new technology on your ship that allows it to regenerate lost fuel by extracting carbon molecules from the ground. For this though, your ship must be landed and still. This will be indicated by a green light below your fuel gauge. Alternatively, if you want a quicker refuel, head back on the landing pad in Timber Hearth and Slate will turn on the pumps for you. No problem.

Oxygen tank refilling

Slate also installed a new air compressor on your ship that will slowly refill your oxygen tank whenever it's in presence of oxygen. This will be indicated by a green light below your oxygen gauge.

New notifications and light indicators

When you're running a bit low on fuel or oxygen, your ship will beep and give you a warning on your ship's console along with a red or yellow light below your fuel / oxygen gauge. Just make sure to check every now and then so you don't run out of oxygen while flying a bit too close to the sun... image

Suit refilling

Now, whenever you refill either your oxygen or fuel at your ship, it will take those resources from their respective tanks, so make sure to keep those in stock!

Oxygen exchange

Due to some previous accidents, Slate also upgraded your suit, allowing it to give its oxyen to the ship when you buckle up. Don't worry, you'll whatever you gave back once you get off the seat.

Ship Emergency Thrusters

Slate has FINALLY finished implementing those emergency thrusters your suit has into your ship. Now, whenever you run out of fuel, your ship will automatically start using oxygen for thrusting. Be aware tho, this design isn't exactly efficient, so keep an eye on that gauge and only move when necessary.

Mod Settings

Now you can also customize some of Resource Management's parameters to your will! Just head into the Mods tabs in the game settings, click on Resource Management and you'll be able to change some parameters and enable / disable some features.

Thats about it for the changes. Have fun!

Any bugs, questions, or suggestions are appreciated and you can contact me on Discord (stonesword_) or leave a comment Thanks to Xen, JohnCorby, pikpik_carrot, Etherpod, iwantbread, Trifid, viovayo, and the entire Outer Wilds Modding server for their enormous help with this project!

Resource Management

A mod that makes the oxygen and fuel in your ship matter.


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