Hiker's Mod

Instant Jump

Jump immediately upon pressing the jump button, without having to hold it down and release it.


Hold the vertical thrust button while moving to start sprinting. Hold the button while standing still to use your jetpack as normal.

Emergency Boost

For those tough situations where you need a quick burst of upward movement. In midair, let go of your jetpack controls and press the jump button twice to shoot up into the air, but be wary! It uses a lot of fuel.

Miscellaneous Features

Modify your movement attributes

Change your speed, jump height, sprint speed, jetpack power, and more in the config menu.

Midair Turning

Allows you to slightly change direction or slow down in midair without your jetpack. Has limited use, but feels good to have. Disabled by default.

Floaty Physics

This feature makes your movement floatier on low-gravity bodies! The lower the gravity is, the lower your acceleration is, which means you'll take longer to reach your top speed. Disabled by default.


Scale short walls, no jetpack required! Press space in midair while facing a wall to jump off of it, and repeat to climb up walls. Disabled by default.

Fully Configurable

Any of Hiker's Mod's features can be enabled or disabled so that you can use the features that you want without being forced to use the ones that you don't like! Go to the config menu to customize your experience.

Hiker's Mod

Sprinting, instant jumping, customizable player stats, and other movement features.


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