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Hiker's Mod

The aim of this mod is to make the player move around more intuitively. All features of the mod are individually toggleable, so you can disable features if you don't like them.


Instant Jump

Normally in Outer Wilds, you have to hold space to charge a jump and then release space to perform the jump. The instant jump feature, which is enabled by default, removes having to charge your jump so that the player will jump immediately once you press space. In my experience, this makes the player feel much more responsive!

No Strafing Slowdown

In vanilla Outer Wilds, the player walks slightly slower if they aren't walking directly forward. The "no strafing slowdown" feature, which is also enabled by default, removes this slowdown so that you can move full-speed ahead even to the right, left, or behind!

More Air Control

Are you regretting that jump you just made? Did you forget your jetpack? Well, Outer Wilds lets you speed up your character in mid-air a little bit, but it doesn't allow you to slow down after you've reached a certain speed. The "more air control" feature allows you to slow down in mid-air and change direction to an extent!



The sprinting feature (which is enabled by default) allows you to run faster if you hold the thrust-down button while moving!


Modify your movement speed, jump height, and more

Hiker's Mod allows you to change your character's running, walking, and sprinting speeds, your jump height, and your acceleration so that you can make the hatchling as acrobatic as you please!

More features:

The following features are disabled by default, but they can be enabled in the config menu.


This feature allows you to climb up walls by pressing the jump button while facing a wall.


Floaty Physics

This feature makes the player's movement floatier on low-gravity bodies! The lower the gravity is, the lower your acceleration is, which means you'll take longer to reach your top speed.

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Hiker's Mod

Customizable movement speed and jump height, instant jump, sprinting, climbing, and more.

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