Hatchling Icarus

Tired of the relativity of gravity? Wish "down" would just make up its mind on what direction it wants to be? Well now you can set gravity to be whatever direction you please! (Note: I hold no responsibility for any injury or death that may be caused by tampering with the laws of physics.) <br />Press 'K' to activate a personal gravity field on the hatchling, changing what your character perceives as "down".


  • Alignment Mode - Setting this to "Body" will cause the gravity field to align to where your feet are pointing, while "Camera" will align the field to where the player is facing.
  • Field Force - The acceleration the field exerts in meters per second squared.
  • Active Alignment - If enabled, the gravity field will reorient itself every frame. Otherwise, the field will only orient itself the frame that it becomes active.
  • Disable Impact Damage - If enabled, the player will not be able to take damage from high-speed collisions.

Hatchling Icarus

Gives the player a toggleable personal gravity.


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