Outer Wives


You can finally get married to your favorite Outer Wilds characters. Just talk to them and see where it goes.


I'm not about to test this with every single character, but some of them might be pretty difficult to pull off without cheats. If you find it too difficult, try using the Slow Time mod to give you more time.

Compatibility with other mods

I don't guarantee it will work with all mods, but if another mod adds characters to the main Solar System scene, you should be able to marry the characters added by that mod. For instance, if you install New Horizons Examples, you can marry Ernesto. It is however very likely that some mods won't work due to being set up too differently from the main game. For instance, you can't marry Geswaldo in New Horizons Examples, due to how that character is set up.


This mod is 100% lore friendly. If you disagree, it's because you just don't know enough about Outer Wilds lore. Keep studying!


This has only barely been tested. If you find a bug then ok cool.




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