Quality of Life Changes


Vanilla Friendly

These features just change a few things that don't really affect gameplay but feel good to have. These are enabled by default.

  • Disable Time-Freezing during Dialogue at a Certain Location
    • There's an option in the vanilla game settings to freeze time while talking to characters. This can help make sure that you don't have to rush while talking to characters, but there's a certain location where that doesn't exactly matter. Enable this feature to disable time-freezing at that location!
  • Contextual Reticle
    • You can fully disable the reticle or have it only show up when you're using a tool.
  • Disable Scout Launcher being automatically equipped


These features change some aspect of gameplay for Outer Wilds that alters the experience. They are disabled by default.

  • Press 'Cancel' button to Exit Dialogue
    • Press the 'Cancel' button (usually Q on keyboard or B on gamepad) to exit a dialogue tree immediately!
  • Eyes Always Glow
    • Makes a certain type of eye always glow, even if you're not shining a light into it.
  • Toggle Helmet
    • Allows you to take off or put on your helmet by pressing H, but be careful! Taking off your helmet in space be fatal.
  • Manually Equip Translator
    • Allows you to equip the translator whenever you want.

Quality of Life Features

Contextual reticle, disable automatic scout equipping, exit dialogue early, and more. Check out readme on GitHub!


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