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Allows you to freely move a camera around the solar system!



Keyboard keys are shown in game with button prompts (can be hidden in the mod options). There are some alternative keys on the keypad.

Keypad Key Keyboard Key Function
Keypad . ; Toggle on/off
Keypad / , 0% game speed
Keypad * . 50% game speed
Keypad - / 100% game speed
Scroll Up/Down Movement Speed
WASD Movement
Q / E Rotate left / right
Keypad 0 0 Lock onto player
Keypad 1 1 Lock onto the sun
Keypad 2 2 Lock onto the Interloper
Keypad 3 3 Lock onto Ember Twin
Keypad 4 4 Lock onto Ash Twin
Keypad 5 5 Lock onto Timber Hearth
Keypad 6 6 Lock onto Brittle Hollow
Keypad 7 7 Lock onto Giant's Deep
Keypad 8 8 Lock onto Dark Bramble
Keypad 9 9 Lock onto The Stranger
F Toggle flashlight
[ or ] Increase/decrease light range
Down arrow Reset move speed to 0.1
" Toggle HUD visibility

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