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Available mods

↓ 39.6k NomaiVR
Outer Wilds VR Mod
↓ 9.2k New Horizons
New Horizons
A custom world creation tool for Outer Wilds.
↓ 15.4k Quantum Space Buddies
Quantum Space Buddies
Outer Wilds online multiplayer mod, using Mirror and OWML.
↓ 5.2k Outer Wilds Online
Outer Wilds Online
An Outer Wilds MMO experience, just connect and play! Server is online.
Cheats Mod
↓ 5.5k Cheats Mod
Cheats Mod
Togglable features and teleportation
Outer Wilds Korean Translation
↓ 3.6k Outer Wilds Korean Translation
Outer Wilds Korean Translation
Korean re-translation for Outer Wilds
↓ 7.7k Light Bramble
Light Bramble
Dark Bramble without fish or fog.
↓ 7k Clock
A clock overlay mod for Outer Wilds, including events
↓ 2.7k Ship Log Slide Reel Player
Ship Log Slide Reel Player
Play Echoes of the Eye slide reels in your ship log computer!
↓ 2.9k ScoutStreaming
Turns the scout's screenshot feature into a live video!
↓ 2k EotE Brighter Dreams
EotE Brighter Dreams
Outer Wilds mod: gives the player night vision on Echoes of the Eye's dream world.
↓ 1.2k Vanilla Fix
Vanilla Fix
Fixes some vanilla bugs in Outer Wilds
OW Smooth Thrust
↓ 4.3k OW Smooth Thrust
OW Smooth Thrust
Outer Wilds Keyboard Smooth Thrust
Cheat and Debug Menu
↓ 2.2k Cheat and Debug Menu
Cheat and Debug Menu
Allows using some commands from Debug Mode and adds other functions as well.
↓ 1.4k Archaeologist Achievement Helper
Archaeologist Achievement Helper
Marks ship log entries that have missing facts required for the Archaeologist achievement as "There's more to explore here.". It also lets you view which facts you haven't revealed!
↓ 1.5k Hiker's Mod
Hiker's Mod
A mod to make the character more fun to control!
↓ 3.6k FreeCam
↓ 1.7k Randomizer
Randomizes stuff in outer wilds
Peaceful Ghosts
↓ 1.7k Peaceful Ghosts
Peaceful Ghosts
↓ 896 Voice Acting Mod
Voice Acting Mod
THE MOD'S ALMOST FINISHED! Slate, Mica, and Tuff are all fully voiced as a taste of what's to come. However, the current voiceovers are not the final product.
↓ 1.5k Third Person Camera
Third Person Camera
A third-person camera for Outer Wilds.
↓ 1.6k SlowTime
Slows time-based events over 1 hour in the game to give you more time to explore!
↓ 1.2k Meteor Launching
Meteor Launching
Allows you to shoot meteors or marshmallows with middle mouse click (or the back button if enabled in the mod settings)
↓ 889 Visible Stranger
Visible Stranger
Decloaks the Stranger in Echoes of the Eye.
↓ 1.3k Daydream
Makes it daytime in the DLC dream world and lets you enter from any campfire.
↓ 1.1k Black Hole Portal Gun
Black Hole Portal Gun
B for Black hole, G for White hole. Only supports keyboard at the moment.
↓ 983 Unity Explorer
Unity Explorer
Allows you to look at a recreation of the Unity editor during runtime
Suicide Mod
↓ 942 Suicide Mod
Suicide Mod
Press 'K' on your Keyboard to meet Jesus early. Very helpful for when you get stuck.
↓ 529 Suit Log
Suit Log
Suit up and view your Ship Log anywhere!
↓ 606 Ghost Translations
Ghost Translations
Adds the ability to translate the unknown language.
↓ 810 Outer Wilds Music Player
Outer Wilds Music Player
Jam to MP3 files in your ship and suit while exploring the Solar System!
Save Editor
↓ 832 Save Editor
Save Editor
A mod that allows you to edit your save file in Outer Wilds (spoilers for the base game)
↓ 2k StopTime
A mod for Outer Wilds that stops the end of the loop from happening.
↓ 489 Achievements+
Displays stock, DLC, and custom mod achievements on a menu screen and shows a popup when you earn one.
↓ 816 Half-Life Overhaul
Half-Life Overhaul
Replaces visuals and sound to that of Half-life 1! Why? It's cool!
21st Century Anglerfish
↓ 680 21st Century Anglerfish
21st Century Anglerfish
↓ 783 Outer Thomas Echoes of the Tank Engine
Outer Thomas Echoes of the Tank Engine
Replaces the ship with Thomas the Tank Engine for some reason. Supports Achievements+!
Difficulty Mod
↓ 879 Difficulty Mod
Difficulty Mod
Allow players to change game difficulty settings
↓ 878 Vesper's Assorted OuterWilds Shaders
Vesper's Assorted OuterWilds Shaders
A mod containing all of the shaders I've created for Outer Wilds!
Crouch Mod
↓ 1.7k Crouch Mod
Crouch Mod
Enables crouching in Outer Wilds.
↓ 675 Majora's Mask's Moon
Majora's Mask's Moon
Replaces the sun with the moon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
↓ 637 Smol Hatchling
Smol Hatchling
Makes the hatchling smol! Or beeg!
No Alt Tab Pause
↓ 661 No Alt Tab Pause
No Alt Tab Pause
Mod for Outer Wilds allowing the game to continue while in background
↓ 1.4k HD Screenshot
HD Screenshot
Screenshot mod for Outer Wilds.
↓ 500 Outer Wario Echoes of the Waaaaaaaaaaah
Outer Wario Echoes of the Waaaaaaaaaaah
Oh my god! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! (Lets you play as Wario)
Auto Resume
↓ 633 Auto Resume
Auto Resume
On start-up the game automatically resumes and wakes the player up (Reupload of Rai's mod)
↓ 311 Survive the Supernova
Survive the Supernova
Fly around the post-Supernova Solar System.
↓ 558 Echoes of the Caribbean
Echoes of the Caribbean
Replaces a key bit of music in EotE with something more zesty. Includes Daft Punk light show mode!
Bring Me My Ship
↓ 292 Bring Me My Ship
Bring Me My Ship
Gently places your ship above your head when you press P
↓ 512 Static Camera
Static Camera
Place a camera where you're standing then walk around in front of it.
↓ 281 Supernova On Demand
Supernova On Demand
Triggers a supernova when you press "N".
↓ 434 Slate Simulator
Slate Simulator
Play as everyone's favorite character!
↓ 256 Power Failure
Power Failure
With no more solar energy to be harvested the stranger must start powering down some of the less critical systems to extend its operational lifespan...
↓ 229 Better Model Ship
Better Model Ship
Adds a remote camera to the model ship
↓ 351 Outer Wilds Flyover
Outer Wilds Flyover
Recreation of the Island Flyover game from Wii Sports Resort in Outer Wilds
↓ 322 Celeste Wilds
Celeste Wilds
A mod which adds Celeste movement features to Outer Wilds
Time Saver
↓ 213 Time Saver
Time Saver
A mod that skips various lengthy and repetetive sequences in Outer Wilds
↓ 211 No End
No End
A mod that allows you to play after supernova. See Readme.md for more info
↓ 204 Open Doors
Open Doors
Open any closed door or pathway in the Outer Wilds using this Mod!
↓ 188 Toggle Velocity Matching
Toggle Velocity Matching
Allows you to constantly stay at the same relative velocity to an object
Alter Time
↓ 175 Alter Time
Alter Time
Speed up time in outer wilds!
Vengeful Cannon
↓ 180 Vengeful Cannon
Vengeful Cannon
You shouldn't have angered that cannon...
Vanilla Main Menu
↓ 258 Vanilla Main Menu
Vanilla Main Menu
Removes the Echoes of the Eye subtitle and restores the main menu to its pre-1.0.8 glory.
↓ 228 Collider Visualizer
Collider Visualizer
↓ 151 No Dam Break
No Dam Break
The dam on the stranger will no longer break!!
↓ 141 Ghostbuster
I ain't afraid of no ghosts (let's you blow out certain candles in EOTE).
↓ 138 Ghost Matter Nerf
Ghost Matter Nerf
A mod that makes you invulnerable to Ghost Matter.
↓ 139 Empty Hollow
Empty Hollow
Moves all of Brittle Hollow's crust to the white hole.
Block Placing
↓ 96 Block Placing
Block Placing
Place Minecraft blocks with left click, destroy them with alt-click, and switch blocks with T (See README for VR controls)
Controllable Stranger
↓ 104 Controllable Stranger
Controllable Stranger
A mod that allows you to trigger the events of certain spaceship
↓ 107 Outer Wilds Traditional Chinese Translation
Outer Wilds Traditional Chinese Translation
Persistant Marshmallow
↓ 121 Persistant Marshmallow
Persistant Marshmallow
Makes the Marshmallow's in Outer Wilds never despawn
↓ 100 Hatchling Outfitter
Hatchling Outfitter
Customize which parts of the suit Hatchling wears
Quality of Life Changes
↓ 99 Quality of Life Changes
Quality of Life Changes
Press Q to exit dialogue (@Owen_013#3794 on OW Modding Server to give suggestions)
↓ 123 Hollodjustment
An Outer Wilds mod that adjusts Hollow's Lantern's meteors. (Reupload of Trainzack's mod)
Ship Remote Autopilot
↓ 79 Ship Remote Autopilot
Ship Remote Autopilot
Allows the player to remotely activate the ships autopilot to select destinations.
↓ 101 Big Heads
Big Heads
Gives everyone big heads.
Achievement Mod
↓ 135 Achievement Mod
Achievement Mod
Obsolete - check out Achievements+ by xen
↓ 86 360 Camera
360 Camera
Allows the user to take 360 degree screenshots and videos
↓ 81 Sleep Mod
Sleep Mod
A mod that allows you to press "U" to meditate without needing to talk to Gabbro twice
Woah Watch Those Frames
↓ 75 Woah Watch Those Frames
Woah Watch Those Frames
Limits game FPS to 30 when in pause menu
↓ 81 Title Screen Bug Fix
Title Screen Bug Fix
Fixes a bug on the title screen which caused the game's logo to be displayed incorrectly.
↓ 50 Fact Log
Fact Log
Displays a list of all facts (exploration information and rumors) that you have encountered in your current playthrough, and in the order you encountered them.
↓ 45 Quantum Moon Orbit Line
Quantum Moon Orbit Line
Adds an orbit line to the Quantum Moon on the map.
Involuntary Blink
↓ 57 Involuntary Blink
Involuntary Blink
Blink randomly every 2-7 seconds. Quantum Moon is now impossible to get into.
↓ 51 Alpha Title Screen
Alpha Title Screen
Changes the title logo to the alpha logo, and replaces the planet on the title screen with the one from the alpha version of Outer Wilds.
Sound Test
↓ 27 Sound Test
Sound Test
Lets you play any sound in the game from the menu
Czech Localization
↓ 25 Czech Localization
Czech Localization
A Czech localization of Outer Wilds
↓ 20 Permadeath Mode
Permadeath Mode
The ship log is reset if you die to something other than the supernova. Try to completely fill the ship log without dying!
↓ 43 Input Demo Recorder
Input Demo Recorder

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