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Available mods

↓ 29.4k NomaiVR
Outer Wilds VR Mod
↓ 8.2k Quantum Space Buddies
Quantum Space Buddies
Outer Wilds online multiplayer mod, using modified UNET and OWML.
↓ 5.7k Light Bramble
Light Bramble
Dark Bramble without fish or fog.
↓ 4.5k Clock
A clock overlay mod for Outer Wilds, including events
OW Smooth Thrust
↓ 3.8k OW Smooth Thrust
OW Smooth Thrust
Outer Wilds Keyboard Smooth Thrust
Cheats Mod
↓ 3k Cheats Mod
Cheats Mod
Togglable features and teleportation
↓ 2.4k FreeCam
↓ 2.3k New Horizons
New Horizons
A custom world creation tool for Outer Wilds.
↓ 1.7k Outer Wilds Online
Outer Wilds Online
An Outer Wilds MMO experience, just connect and play! Server is online.
↓ 1.4k ScoutStreaming
Turns the scout's screenshot feature into a live video!
Crouch Mod
↓ 1.3k Crouch Mod
Crouch Mod
Enables crouching in Outer Wilds.
Cheat and Debug Menu
↓ 1.3k Cheat and Debug Menu
Cheat and Debug Menu
Allows using some commands from Debug Mode and adds other functions as well.
↓ 1.1k HD Screenshot
HD Screenshot
Screenshot mod for Outer Wilds.
↓ 982 Randomizer
Randomizes stuff in outer wilds
↓ 851 Third Person Camera
Third Person Camera
A third-person camera for Outer Wilds.
↓ 832 SlowTime
Slows time-based events over 1 hour in the game to give you more time to explore!
Peaceful Ghosts
↓ 822 Peaceful Ghosts
Peaceful Ghosts
↓ 726 EotE Brighter Dreams
EotE Brighter Dreams
Outer Wilds mod: gives the player night vision on Echoes of the Eye's dream world.
↓ 688 Ship Log Slide Reel Player
Ship Log Slide Reel Player
Play Echoes of the Eye slide reels in your ship log computer!
Difficulty Mod
↓ 563 Difficulty Mod
Difficulty Mod
Allow players to change game difficulty settings
Outer Wilds Korean Translation
↓ 520 Outer Wilds Korean Translation
Outer Wilds Korean Translation
Korean re-translation for Outer Wilds
↓ 483 Daydream
Lets you see the sun and solar system while dreaming, and toggle the ability to dream at any fire.
↓ 468 Vesper's Assorted OuterWilds Shaders
Vesper's Assorted OuterWilds Shaders
A mod containing all of the shaders I've created for Outer Wilds!
↓ 447 Meteor Launching
Meteor Launching
Allows you to shoot meteors or marshmallows with middle mouse click (or the back button if enabled in the mod settings)
↓ 408 Half-Life Overhaul
Half-Life Overhaul
Replaces visuals and sound to that of Half-life 1! Why? It's cool!
↓ 361 Echoes of the Caribbean
Echoes of the Caribbean
NEW Daft Punk light show mode! Replaces a key bit of music in EotE with something more zesty.
No Alt Tab Pause
↓ 347 No Alt Tab Pause
No Alt Tab Pause
Mod for Outer Wilds allowing the game to continue while in background
↓ 331 Movement Mod
Movement Mod
Thrust-down to sprint, tap-to-jump, and no strafe slowdown!
↓ 317 Outer Thomas Echoes of the Tank Engine
Outer Thomas Echoes of the Tank Engine
Replaces the ship with Thomas the Tank Engine for some reason
↓ 314 Black Hole Portal Gun
Black Hole Portal Gun
B for Black hole, G for White hole. Only supports keyboard at the moment.
Auto Resume
↓ 302 Auto Resume
Auto Resume
On start-up the game automatically resumes and wakes the player up (Reupload of Rai's mod)
↓ 302 Majora's Mask's Moon
Majora's Mask's Moon
Replaces the sun with the moon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Suicide Mod
↓ 295 Suicide Mod
Suicide Mod
Press 'K' on your Keyboard to meet Jesus early. Very helpful for when you get stuck.
↓ 277 Teeny Hatchling
Teeny Hatchling
Makes the hatchling smol! Or beeg!
↓ 257 Static Camera
Static Camera
Place a camera where you're standing then walk around in front of it.
↓ 246 Archaeologist Achievement Helper
Archaeologist Achievement Helper
Marks ship log entries that have missing facts required for the Archaeologist achievement as "There's more to explore here.". It also lets you view which facts you haven't revealed!
Save Editor
↓ 243 Save Editor
Save Editor
A mod that allows you to edit your save file in Outer Wilds (spoilers for the base game and DLC)
↓ 213 Slate Simulator
Slate Simulator
Play as everyone's favorite character!
↓ 212 Unity Explorer
Unity Explorer
Allows you to look at a recreation of the Unity editor during runtime
↓ 186 Outer Wario Echoes of the Waaaaaaaaaaah
Outer Wario Echoes of the Waaaaaaaaaaah
Oh my god! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! (Lets you play as Wario)
↓ 184 Outer Wilds Music Player
Outer Wilds Music Player
Jam to MP3 files in your ship and suit while exploring the Solar System!
Vanilla Main Menu
↓ 156 Vanilla Main Menu
Vanilla Main Menu
Removes the Echoes of the Eye subtitle and restores the main menu to its pre-1.0.8 glory.
21st Century Anglerfish
↓ 150 21st Century Anglerfish
21st Century Anglerfish
Collider Visualizer
↓ 123 Collider Visualizer
Collider Visualizer

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