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Outer Wilds Mods

↓ 6.3k New Horizons
New Horizons
A custom world creation tool for Outer Wilds.

Addons for New Horizons

↓ 2.8k Real Solar System
Real Solar System
Adds our solar system to Outer Wilds (check the ship's log)
↓ 2.5k Outer Wilds Galaxy
Outer Wilds Galaxy
USE SHIPLOG AND AUTOPILOT TO WARP TO MOD! A mod that adds a galactic core that many different star systems orbit around. Go and explore!
↓ 2k New Horizons Examples
New Horizons Examples
An example project showing what planets can be made with New Horizons. (Warning: spoilers inside)
↓ 1.8k Solar Neighbourhood
Solar Neighbourhood
Adds in the local group of star systems as seen in the Echoes Of The Eye ending
↓ 1.6k Atropos
Newest Planet in the Outer Wilds Solar System!
↓ 1.1k Signals+
Implements unused/removed signals and Signalscope frequencies.
↓ 993 Astroneer Solar System
Astroneer Solar System
Adds the solar system from Astroneer (check SHIP LOG)
↓ 924 ElliePlanets!
A few silly planets
↓ 818 Enter the Warioverse
Enter the Warioverse
A whole system of Wario to explore! Can you solve the mystery of the Warioverse? WAH!
↓ 764 Medley of Planets
Medley of Planets
Adds a medley of planets and moons to explore.
↓ 796 TARDIS from Doctor Who
TARDIS from Doctor Who
The Doctor and their TARDIS visit the Outer Wilds Solar System!
↓ 631 Incursion: Final Dawn
Incursion: Final Dawn
The Incursion Is Upon Us by Erroneous
↓ 539 TRAPPIST-1
A depiction of the TRAPPIST-1 system, a collection of seven terrestrial planets hugging close to a small ultracool red dwarf star.
↓ 439 Grapefruit
A mod that adds a new star system. Warning! Lots of food!
↓ 247 Interstellar: Gargantua
Interstellar: Gargantua
Explore the Gargantua system from Interstellar (reupload of Tandicase's mod)
↓ 182 Almond System
Almond System
Adds a almond system to the game
Only Timber Hearth
↓ 172 Only Timber Hearth
Only Timber Hearth
A mod that removes all planets except Timber Heath. Yay, no Dark Bramble!
Their Homeworld
↓ 153 Their Homeworld
Their Homeworld
a solar system made with new horizons, will probably be updated
↓ 146 Jammer Lore
Jammer Lore
Jammer lore mod plonets
↓ 57 Timber Twin
Timber Twin
global warming is real and i caused it
Cloudless Quantum Moons
↓ 54 Cloudless Quantum Moons
Cloudless Quantum Moons
Adds the 6 quantum moon states without any clouds.
↓ 41 Less Lonely Ship
Less Lonely Ship
↓ 42 Arkose bug fix
Arkose bug fix
A mod that fix the bug that allows Arkose to exist
↓ 34 Changed Twins
Changed Twins
The sand goes to ember twin and back! (Idea from Inkey boi AKA InkI
↓ 16 Backer's satellite signal
Backer's satellite signal
A mod that adds signal to the backer's satellite

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