An Outer Wilds mod which lets you control how anglerfish behave.


  • Size (%) - how big anglerfish are. Doesn't affect light size. Going too high WILL cause a disaster. Default is 100.
  • Move Speed (%) - how fast anglerfish move. This affects chase speed, investigate speed, and acceleration. Default is 100.
  • Turn Speed (%) - how fast anglerfish rotate. This affects turn speed (while moving) and quick turn speed (while in place). Default is 100.
  • Distance (%) - how far anglerfish can be before making certain state changes. This affects arrival distance (investigate -> lurk), pursue distance (any state -> chase), and escape distance (chase -> lurk). Default is 100.
  • Deaf - anglerfish no longer hear you, making Dark Bramble a lot more safe :). Though if you're already being chased, turning this on won't stop them from chasing you.
  • Mute - anglerfish no longer make sounds, becoming the perfect ambush predator (besides the big glowing light).
  • Afraid - anglerfish flee from your intimidating presence.
  • Rainbow Lights - anglerfish lights now flash all the colors of the rainbow!
  • Spin Axis - spins the anglerfish 'round an axis. Spin speed depends on Quick Turn Speed. Default is None.
    • Values are X, Y, or Z axis.
  • Meteor Launching Mod Integration - skill-based combat! (kind of.) Hitting an anglerfish with a meteor will stun them temporarily, depending on where you hit them:
    • Body - 1 second
    • Left/Right Cheek - 2 seconds
    • Mouth Floor - 3 seconds

Short demo:

Mod page:

Made using Bwc9876's Outer Wilds mod template.

Customizable Anglerfish AI

An Outer Wilds mod which lets you control how anglerfish behave.


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