Translation and Patches for The Outsider

This Outer Wilds MOD is designed as a UNIVERSAL translation addon and some patches for The Outsider mod.


Requires The Outsider (Of course! This mod is an addon of The Outsider).

Next, install Translation and Patches for The Outsider by Outer Wilds Mod Manager as in other mods.


Translation for The Outsider

The sample is here: English Slate -> Japanese Slate (this is a SPOILER, so I don't display these images directly ;;) )

Now, JA, pt-BR, zh-CN, RU and FR are available; Making other language translation is welcoming! Please read Other Languages for details.

EN -> JA

Completed! by me. (corrected by @tekken8810, thank you.)

EN -> pt-BR

Completed! Thank you, @MGSchultz-13. (See #1)

EN -> zh-CN


Originally translated by nice2cu1 in TheOutsider_CN. Thank you, @nice2cu1! (See TheOutsider_CN#1)

Based on previous efforts, now re-translated by Iridium, Lionkin Park, QiYun, solitary-sails, Vessel107.

For Chinese translation, installing Outer Wilds Chinese Fix is recommended.


使用中文翻译时,建议一并安装Outer Wilds Chinese Fix这个Mod来解决缺字问题。

原本由nice2cu1在他的TheOutsider_CN中完成翻译。后由四十瓶盖, Lionkin Park, 栖云, solitary-sails, Vessel107对翻译进行重置。

EN -> RU

Completed! Thank you, @Korol2038. (See #3)

Corrected by @Svetaleet (See #4) , @Danielthas1988 (See #10) , and @Siroptas (See #14) , thank you.

EN -> FR

Completed! Thank you, @Fighters91. (See #5)

Corrected by @Myalgul. (See #6 and #13)

Other Languages

Please make TranslationForTheOutsider/assets/<language>.xml and its pull requests (or an issue). I will add it into next releases.

Patches for The Outsider

The Outsider mod has some issues, so this addon mod solves them.

Solved Issues

Translation and Patches for The Outsider

Universal translation for The Outsider; EN -> JA, pt-BR, zh-CN, RU, FR (making others are welcoming!) And patches to solve some issues of The Outsider

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